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Dec 29, 2007 12:08 PM

Brown bag in Naples

After reading great things about this little hole in the wall, I decided I had to try it.This little take out only place is in a small strip mall (two other stores) an alteration shop and a small mini-market that reeked of floor cleaner. The brown bag is a BBQ spot famous for it's ribs and chicken and also has some sandwiches. I got the feast to go which consisted of 2 pounds of babyback ribs, a chicken and sides of onion rings, coleslaw, and beans. The ribs were fall off the bone and very tasty and the chicken was pretty good too.But the sides are terrible.The onion rings were soggy and tasteless and the deep fry oil looked like it hadn't been changed for quite a long time.The beans were sitting in a crock pot on the counter and were again tasteless and boring. The coleslaw looked like it was put through a food processor until all that was left was cabbage water and once again tasteless.If I lived a little closer I would go back for the ribs though, but thats it. I would also call my order ahead and avoid the 25 minute wait and also having to hang out in a very skanky parking lot that I would not like to be after dark. Also the place is so smoke filled you can't breathe and you almost can't see your way to the counter.

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  1. Traumachef,

    Appreciate the heads up on the very good ribs, I'll pass on ordering the sides.

    Any other good ribs places? I'm used to lining up terrific holes in the walls from N Fla up through N. Carolina ( Sgt. White's Diner - Beaufort, SC is a favorite) , and other spots (Sonny Bryan's in Dallas) where the pit master smoked the goodies at a low heat all night long. I long for great ribs, pulled pork, heavenly briskets-you know the rest!

    Been to Tastebuds of Naples-I've not yet gone. Hogs in the Pound went porkbelly up, and t out on 951, Porky's is just ok. Rib City is decent in a pinch. Michelbobs had it's best years long ago, and is overpriced- we leave that one for the tourists.

    Shane's Rib Shack has good ribs, and I like some of their sauces-at Coconut Point Megachopping center. and I haven't tried the one by Wild Oats/Lowes yet.

    I wonder if Naples-Ft Myers would support a true BBQ place-zoning might not let them in.

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      If you get over to Ft. Lauderdale, check out Tom Jenkin's BBQ. Wonderful stuff, sides included.

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        I went to Brown Bag BBQ, and it's just as you described it! I thought the place was closed when I first drove by its fading signage! Nothing to look at from the outside, pretty simple on the inside, just an open kitchen. The ribs and chicken are worth driving to taste-delicious, taty and tender. The fries are not too crispy, and the slaw hasn't changed, a watery mayo base and too finely ground up cabbage.

        1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

          Wow! This thread is DejaVu all over again!! I grew up in Homestead and my neighbors there as a kid owned Brown Bag BBQ.....Phil & Joe Nix!......Wow!....Haven't thought of them in years!!.....I wonder if the business is still in the Nix family......What a pleasant surprise......


          1. re: LargeLife

            hey LargeLife - yes indeed dejavu!
            yes phil's kids still run the brown bag...
            joe passed a while back - how do you know them...?
            how do I email you directly...?or email me...
            I worked with Phil @ Friday's in plantation....1986-87...

            Brown Bag Bbq
            4748 Golden Gate Pkwy Ste 4, Naples, FL 34116

    2. Brown Bag is the only decent Rib place in Naples, maybe it was an off night on the onion rings, I've eaten there about a half dozen times and always liked them. It's no Tom Jenkins, like Insatiable says, but for Naples, it's the best