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Dec 29, 2007 11:23 AM

lemon bar trouble

hi guys
i've made these lemon bars three times already, and they turn out beautifully rich and zesty and yummy. their texture, however, is so-so.

when i really whip up the eggs (until they double in volume or so) and then add the rest of the ingredients, the baked filling turns out too light and fluffy and bubbly and is a mess to cut into neat squares.

today i tried to experiment with that and just stirred the egg mixture until it was smooth and consistent and tried not to put any air in it, so the filling would hopefully turn out smooth and creamy. but, yikes, the crust wound up on top and the filling made its way to the bottom!!

they're still delicious, but i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong. how about whipping them up till light and fluffy but omitting the baking powder? did this happen to anyone?


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  1. marlakash, I have two suggestions to help you with your texture issue.

    1. Try beating the eggs with the sugar until thick, then adding the remaining ingredients. I've not used Martha's recipe before, but that's the method I've always used with success.

    2. Pastry chef trick--if there are bubbles on the top of the egg/lemon mixture after you pour it onto the warm crust, run a blow torch over the top very quickly to "pop" the bubbles. No blow torch? Use one of those stick lighters. Of course it goes without saying to use caution if you try this. Then bake according to the instruction.

    Good luck!