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Jan 31, 2001 01:54 PM

Wine Cask in Santa Barbara

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In response to my request for places in Santa Barbara, a number of people have suggested the Wine Cask.

Not everyone is uniformly ecstatic about the place.
Is is over priced? Is there an informal cafe part of the place that is better value?

And, btw, is it dressy?


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  1. The wine cask is good, but often uninspiring. It's is expensive. Most men will wear a jacket to dinner and a few will wear ties, but as with most So-Cal places it's pretty informal. The cafe across the courtyard is Intermezzo. It is owned buy the same people. I have nto been so I can't address the quality of the food.

    I did not respond to your earlier post because despite living in S.B. for over six years I have not found the restaurant selection very excitng. Things may be changing. We had an excellent meal last night at Authentique on lower State. The chef Jean-Phillipe has recently moved up from the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena and from what I could tell from one meal is really on the right track. It's such a welcome relief from the other places in town. The idea seems to be to prepare excellent ingedients in simple, classic ways to highlight the natural flavors. Highlights include the foie gras, lamb loin and duck confit. Last night will not be our last trip.

    BTW, if you have had any experience with canjun or creole cuisine avoid the Palace Cafe at all cost. No doubt this place has a large following in town, but it's a very sorry substitue for the real thing.