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Dec 29, 2007 10:17 AM

Union Sq. recs for NYE early dinner

I need a good restaurant in the Union Sq. area that won't break the bank but casual enough for a teen and pre-teen. Unfortunately, my first pick Basta Pasta is closed NYE. We always go to Chat & Chew in the area and I wanted to do something different. We're going to a show in the area so it'd be an early dinner. I'm liking Borgo Antico or Via Emilie but any type cuisine works.

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  1. Via Emilia is a good choice. Excellent homemade pastas with lasagna being the standout. They don't take reservations though usually, if you go early, getting a table is not a problem. Also, it's cash only.

    If you'd like to do bbq, there are three nearby options: Blue Smoke (closest to Union Sq.), Hill Country, and RUB.
    RUB on Menupages: