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Dec 29, 2007 10:07 AM

What to do with rindless oranges???

We make candied orange peel for our new year's eve party to serve with my husband's homemade canollis. We just finished peeling the oranges (around 20) and we are wondering about what to do with the oranges besides just using them for juice. Any ideas?

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  1. make a champagne-orange punch, or one with sparkling cider for those who don't want alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks are usually so lack-luster. A nice one with special ingredients is SO appreciated by non-imbibers.

    1. Section a couple for a special breakfast or to use in a salad. Also for the salad, use the citrus in a vinaigrette. Example here:

      Since the oranges are especially perishable without their rinds, I'd go ahead and juice them to get all the goodness before they dry up...which will happen fast.
      Freeze what you don't use in ice cube trays and save for later.
      I love the alcohol free mimosa idea too.

      1. You could make a simple ambrosia like my grandmother always makes for Christmas dinner. Just orange wedges seperated from the membrane, flaked coconut, and sugar to taste. I made this last week to use up some oranges and my kids love it!

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          That's my family's Christmas morning favourite, with pineapple, fresh, if possible, and a sweet red grapefruit. Fresh coconut, too, but of course, it's all flexible, but the oranges are all important! They prefer it without sugar.


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            Absolutely right! Nothing better this time of year than classic Ambrosia. We do fresh pineapple, naval oranges and flaked coconut. No added sugar necessary.
            This year I found some Florida naval oranges with red pulp that were the most beautiful things ever and as sweet as candy.
            I've been fixing this several days a week lately and they're still lapping it up. Why go to any more trouble!

          2. Continue to remove all of the pith and segment the oranges free of any membrane.
            This technique is known in the biz as 'Supreming' .

            Then ... Google "citrus salad" and Google "fruit pizza" for recipes.

            1. make a salad of oranges, sliced pitted green olives and lots of thinly sliced fresh fennel, then drizzle on some olive oil, salt and pepper. Delicious.

              Here's a link:


              or add grapefruit supremes to your oranges and serve over bitter greens with a sweet poppy seed dressing that has grated onion in it.

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                Or slices or oranges, cucumber, radishes - with good olive oil and mint.