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Jan 30, 2001 06:15 PM

dim sum in orange county?

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I'm looking for recommendations for a dim sum house in Orange County. We used to go to Lucky House Seafood on Bristol in Santa Ana, but they recently changed owners and staff (the nerve!) and it's terrible now. Help!

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  1. How about Dragon Phoenix, 9211 Bolsa, upstairs?

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    1. re: Chandavkl
      Gretchen Ehrenberg

      Dragon Phoenix is best on week-ends, week day selection is fairly limited.

    2. Haven't been there in a while, but Seafood Paradise in Westminster, on Bolsa, a few blocks east of Beach, is (was) great. I understand they also have the restaurant across the street.

      1. Let me echo the recommendation for Seafood Paradise. I am originally from Hawaii, and I know good Chinese food. Spent 3 years in San Francisco and I know good Dim Sum. Also, my Chinese friends like it because they can get authentic dishes from their home areas in China.

        Very tasty, but like all real dim sum, a bit greasy. Still, it is about the best in OC in my book. It's on Westminster or Bolsa near Brookhurst.

        1. Seafood World in many ways is better than Seafood Paradise. The selection of seafood dim sum is better. I had a spicy fried shrimp dish that was great, plus fried scallops and then the typical dim sum items like char siu bao and siu mai.
          Seafood World is on Brookhurst and Mcfadden in Westminster.

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            Great to know there is a place in OC that serves deep fried items for dim sum! So far, the other places I have been to, does not include too many deep fried options! Will have to check out Seafood World soon! Thanks for the tip!