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Dec 29, 2007 09:33 AM

The Met Bar and Grill tonight-what to order?

We are going to the Met Bar and Grill tonight for dinner and we have never been to this restaurant or its sibling in Chestnut Hill. I have heard mixed reviews of the restaurant and wondered whether there are any good dishes to recommend.

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  1. Kobe burgers are fantastic, haven't tried much else though.

    1. If the food was as impressive as the descriptions on the menu, this place would have a Michelin star. Unfortunately it's not even great pub food. For some reason this place reminds me of a Disney resort restaurant where it's all a facade with marginal food at best. The fact that the "Cuban" sandwich has carmelized onions says it all ! Staff swarming around the place but never seem to be waiting on the patrons. The highlight was the seasoned truffle fries....but eat fast before they get soggy.

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        The amusing part of the evening is that we didn't end up at the Met Bar and Grill. Instead we were across the street at the Metropolitan 9 Bar and Grill or something like that. The food was very unexciting though adequate. I had a rosemary grilled chicken breast with mushroom risotto and grilled asparagus and it was tasty. My husband had the marinated skirt steak with truffled fries and sauteed spinach. The steak was tasty, the spinach well executed and the fries soggy. The table shared the molten chocolate cake and orange panna cotta for dessert. Don't go there for the desserts. They were mediocre. Good enough wine by the glass and beer on tap. It just was a bit expensive for the quality of the food, but I am sure it cost less than we would have paid across the street at the Met Bar and Grill.It is a restaurant I could imagine taking my 80 year old mother who doesn't appreciate expensive restaurants or food that she doesn't recognize.

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          And don't, whatever you do, go for lunch. After a rave review in the Phoenix (yeah, I know) my husband and I tried to have some lunch there only to be told that "we don't have that during the day" or "we're all out" or "we don't make that dish anymore". What little unremarkable food they had was brought out late, stone cold and obviously left over from the night before. If I wanted to eat like that I could have stayed home and raided my OWN refrigerator. We almost fainted when we got the bill. Never again.