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Dec 29, 2007 09:18 AM

Best moussaka take-out in T/O?

Simple as that, it's cold outside and it's one of my favourite dishes. Can't be bothered to make it though, just looking for take-out right now (but if that clause makes me miss something unbelievable, let me know of a restaurant where it can't be beat). Thanks!

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  1. Select Bakery on Donlands Avenue makes their own which they sell frozen and they are fabulous. They come in 2 sizes. The regular would feed 3 to 4 people and the large at least double that. I've served it a few times now and everyone loved it. They also have pastisio which is just as good, if not better. With a side salad and some bread - life is good.

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      Thanks for this millygirl - I'm always looking for new freezer stash options in the area. Anything else worth trying at Select while I'm there?

      1. re: julesrules

        Yes in fact I was going to mention their spankopita. It's also sold frozen on a tin foil tray - excellent for parties. Just sprinkle a bit of cold water on top of the filo and bake in oven. The water crisps it up nicely. Let me know what you think. Ohhh, wish I had some moussaka right now. Enjoy!

      2. re: millygirl

        Oh 'millygirl''ve given me something to dream about while I'm in JA...I love Pastisio! I will definitely call them when I get back...I also love Spanokopita as thank you for giving this information! Might I trouble you for the address/phone number? The retired owners Kay and Dennis of the 'old'" People's Foods" on Dupont used to make(cater) it for me as a special favour but we seem to have lost touch since they retired.....thank you millygirl!

        1. re: pearlD

          Hi pearlD, Select Bakery is at 405 Donlands Avenue 416-421-2400...sweet dreams and happy new year!

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            The moussaka I had at Pantheon on Danforth @ Chester was incredible. If you're bored look for my review, I had a really good dining experience there at Pantheon which may be worth spending an evening checking out if you do find yourself willing to travel and sit!


            Take out.. not sure if they do take out sorry!

            1. re: 50firstdatesguy

              Thanks so much everyone! I'm heading out to try to stock up.

        2. re: millygirl

          I tried the Moussaka from Select Bakery tonight on this recommendation. It's good but not great. I would get it again - the convenience of it is great. But I've had better...

        3. The absolute best moussaka in the city is at Musa, at Dundas and Euclid (that's just west of Bathurst). The chef/owner's Mama makes it. Really.