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Dec 29, 2007 09:05 AM

TO Life 100 Tastes - what are your picks?

After leafing thru the magazine, these are on my list to try? Are there any others that you would recommend?

#5 - Carousel back bacon sandwich - tried one a long time ago - will get one again (we usually go for the veal and eggplant sandwich downstairs)

#8 - Greg's marshmallow ice cream - read about this one many times - will it be available now or is it seasonal?

#35 - Takoyaki - tried this at the 1st markham place stall but will try at the Scarborough T&T version

#44 - Bymark burger

#62 - Jumbo beef empanada at Kensington

#82 - El Gordo's kimchee empanada

#86 - Pho 88

#90 - Crab lamprie at teh Hopper Hut

#96 - David Lee's ribs

Has anyone tried these and which ones are the must-trys? Thanks.

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  1. Greg's roasted marshmallow ice cream is amazing and completely original. At first it tastes burnt but once you have acquired a taste for it its great. Try it with some of there hot fudge. It could be a seasonal thing because I was just there to pick up some vanilla for x-mas and they didnt have the mashmallow.

    1. Pho 88 is kind of OK! There are lots of other better Vietnamese pho places in Toronto!!

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        which Vietnamese places do ou think is better than Pho 88. I would like to try them out.

      2. In case you're interested, there was a couple of discussions of this on the Food Media board.

        1. I had the Shrimp Lamprie at the Hopper Hut. They were out of Crab, but what I got contained crab legs (for flavouring I guess). It was a huge meal, and pretty good too. It's definitely worth a try.

          I also had Gerry's Black Cake #16 - totally interesting and unique. I also had a taste of Jamaican Sorrel #28, which is mixed with rum while I was there. Their Jerk Chicken is worth a try too.

          The Jumbo beef empanada is ok, not a must try though. The fresh salsa they serve with it is very good.

          1. I tried #10 Ming Rooms Manchurian Paneer..very disappointed, and the paneer was so squeeky it sent a chill down my spine! HOWEVER, it was 100x better the next day in taste and might want to pick it up a day or two early and enjoy as leftovers!