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Dec 29, 2007 08:47 AM

Salt Creek in Princeton?

Has anybody had a good meal here? I have had two incredibly mediocre meals there, but my sister is insistent on going there for dinner tonight. I found it to be expensive for what it is. Great atmosphere for a drink, but that's about it. Any other opinions?

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  1. I've eaten at the Salt Creek Grille in Rumson. It had a fabulous view and the decor was inviting, but aside from a very lovely Server, I'd have to say it was overpriced, and the food reminded me of a more upscale version of a chain restaurant.

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    1. re: Tay

      I've been to the Rumson one too and felt the same way. Nothing special for the cost.

      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Uh huh...A nice place for a drink/conversation, but the food and prices were sort of like a pumped up Charlie Brown's

        1. re: Tay

          That is a great description of Salt Creek "pumped up Charlie Brown's"!!
          Next time someone asks me if I have been there, hope you don't mind if I steal your quote!

    2. Two business lunches there. Same opinion. Small portions of so-so food for too much money.

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      1. re: fpatrick

        Nice atmosphere for a drink, though

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          Hmm. I usually one to point out a foo fooey small portion but I think the lunch portions at salt creek (in Princeton) are actually quite big (granted most of it is good-at-first-fries that you get sick of pretty quick). But the salads even are really big.

          I don't do the seafood there, but I've had many a filling pulled pork sandwiches and chicken BLT's I couldn't finish.

        2. I eat there for lunch at least once a week, and do for drinks at least once as well.

          The garlic fries are pretty good, but don't eat too many! haha.

          The food is "eh" and the atmosphere is perfect for an afterwork drink with co-workers, and the drink specials are pretty good. Don't get me wrong, the food isn't bad by any means, but it's nothing special.

          I've been there a few times on the weekend (I think sunday actually) for live music, and took a bar table...and split a dinner that was OK (Maybe shortribs?)

          Melissa, with braces is a very good waitress in the bar area in the afternoon/evenings.

          1. Oh goodness! Have the one in Rumson booked for tonight. Was anxious to try it. Thought it was a favorite of the Chowhounders. Now I'm reading just the opposite. I'm seriously thinking of canceling. We're going with another couple on my recommendation. What to do, what to do...

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            1. re: Pink Pepper

              Pink Pepper, how was your meal Saturday night? I had dinner last night and it was fabulous. Even with 1/2 priced bottles of wine (mondays) we ran up our check to 160 (200 with tip). Apps and drinks get me everytime.

              1. re: hotfoodhot

                We never did go, Hotfoodhot. We chickened out and went to Whispers, instead. Guess the part about being like a chain restaurant wasn't what we had in mind for a Saturday night with friends. Maybe we'll go during the week when we feel like casual dining.

                1. re: Pink Pepper

                  How was Whispers? Is that waterfront? My wife and I almost went for an anniversary dinner a few years back. Have never been.

            2. Two dinner meals I've had there have been good, but not great. The big turn-off for me is the valet-parking setup in Princeton. They funnel you into the valet line, with no obvious way to park yourself. After a confusing conversation with the valet on whether I could actually park myself, or valet was required, he gave me a load of attitude when I just told him I'd park it myself. "Some people have to make a living" was his comment. This is not a 5 star LA restaraunt, it's a friggin chain. Some nerve to show an attitude like that from a valet parker.