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Dec 29, 2007 08:13 AM

Cleveland Birthday Dinner Suggestions?

I'm in town visiting family for the holidays and want to go out to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (Sunday) night. I used to go to Parker's every year, but with that no longer an option...I would love some suggestions. Both Lola and Lolita are all booked up and Dante's isn't open on Sundays.

My mother has suggested NIghttown but I'm not sure if it will have the feel of a special meal for a special night. Reading about Flying Fig, Crop, Fire and other popular places sound interesting, but leave me confused.

Where would any of you choose for your birthday dinner on a Sunday night?

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  1. as a frequent visitor to the area, my tried-and-true choices for the east side are sergio's, its newer offshoot sarava, and moxie. red, the steakhouse opened a while back by the moxie folks, has been getting great reviews as well.
    i like nighttown quite a bit, but if the level that you're aiming for is parker's/lola/et al then it's probably not what you want for your night out. i ate at the flying fig so long ago that i can't offer any useful advice, but the place continues to draw raves. the food at fire is top notch, although i don't like the room. they've jammed in too many tables and it gets incredibly noisy (i get enough of that in nyc). the service can be a bit too casual, and the wine list has a pretty high mark-up. still, as i said, you're not going to have a bad meal.

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      Amongst all the restaurants mentioned here fire, Moxie and Dante are my favorite. In fact, they're simple three of my favorite restaurants. Ordinarily I wouldn't even try to choose one to recommend but Moxie is also closed on Sunday so it's pretty easy. fire is a fantastic restaurant. Get the pork chop. Anyone going to fire for the first time should get the pork chop. Absolutely, without a doubt. Chef Katz is definitely serious about his ingredients the same way that Parker and Chef Strizak were.

      Incidentally, I had a great meal at Sapore yesterday. It's a training restaurant associated with the Loretta Paganinni cooking school. If you liked Parker's then I think you should consider this restaurant. Not only did they seem to have a commitment to sourcing local, fresh ingredients but the style of the food felt really familiar and comfortable for a grieving Parker's fan. But not for this meal. They're closed on Sundays. And Mondays. And Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    2. I would add the Baricelli Inn and One Walnut for special occasion dinners. Hyde Park is great for carnivores.

      1. Thank you all so much for your advice. It's nice to be called a grieving Parker's fan - make me feel at home again :) I have to say that I was very close to trying Sarava until my DH who is a great smooz artist called up Lolita's and got us in at 4pm. Not my regular dinner time, but I didn't care. It was amazing and really lived up to its high and mighty rep. It was the perfect place for my birthday dinner. I only wish I could pack it up and take it back to the Bay Area with me.

        I also wish I wasn't leaving town tomorrow or I would also try Fire, Moxie, Dantes and Sapore before leaving. I haven't been to Baricelli Inn for decades, so I'm glad to hear they are still going strong. I will keep this list for my next visit. Happy New Year Everyone!

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          glad you loved it. michael's places rock. happy birthday!