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Dec 29, 2007 07:57 AM

MSP-Bread Pudding

My Father in law is coming tonight and is a bread pudding enthusiast. Where can I get a bread pudding to blow him away. Western suburbs is preferred. Thanks.

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  1. Check with Signature Cafe in Minneapolis and see if Nathalie has hers on the menu - outstanding.

    There are a lot of bread puddings around, and I think TCL has tried them all. I'll point her to this thread, and see what she has to add.

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    1. re: Danny

      Thanks...I just remembered Town Talk had a whisky bread pudding which I would think he would like since he's a Jack Daniels drinker. Has anyone had this one?

    2. I really like the bread pudding at Manny's. We sometimes stop in there just for that. They give you your own bottle of Maker's Mark to add to it to complete the Manny's, completely over indulgent experience. Pittsburgh Blue up in Maple Grove might have a similar offering since they're a sibling of Manny's.

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      1. re: katebauer

        Dangnabit...I was just there. I rarely have room for dessert after a steak at Manny's though.

      2. The Craftsman has Pumpkin, Date, and Walnut bread pudding. I've had a different kind of bread pudding at the Craftsman before and it was outstanding, so I'm guessing this will be too.