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Dec 29, 2007 07:29 AM

French Fries - Sarasota

Anyone know of a GOOD place to get take out fries in Sarasota. I want to make poutine for my step-dad who had them in Canada and loved them.
I've got the curds and the gravy, but, barring buying a deep fryer, I need a place to pick up some good hand cut fries - if they did them European style, blanching first, that would heaven, but I'm really just in need of some good 'ole fashioned fries.


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  1. CampySD
    I recall the fries at Walt's Fish restaurant as being very good, but I don't know if they would be right for what tyou have in mind. The fish is delicious there, so you might want to'sacrifice' fand have lunch/dinner there to check for yourself. All for the good of the cause, of course :-} Here's their menu/address... good luck!

    1. What area of town do you live in?

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      1. Well, you didn't acknowledge my recc of Walt's so I don't really know if those are the type of fries to which you are referring.