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Jan 29, 2001 12:46 PM

Hotel Bel-Air "Table One"

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My friend and her husband are in town and have surprised my boyfriend and I with reservations at "Table One". I have never experienced a chef's table before. My question is, is it worth the price? I appreciate good food and especially good wine. We are very new to L.A. and don't know a whole lot about the restaurants here yet. I understand there is a fixed price per person and dinner is planned. Does this include wine? Or do we order separately? Does anyone want to share their experience at the Hotel Bel-Air?

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  1. If you follow through, please post a report on your experience. I did a search and could not find any reviews on Table One at Hotel Bel-Air...only talk of going. Thanks.

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      Sorry to report back so long after the event. My friends and I did go for dinner at the Hotel Bel-Air, Table One. I must say that as painfully expensive as it was, we had a complete experience and undivided attention from both our waiter, and the chefs in the kitchen. We were greeted as royalty and led to the private dining room off of the kitchen. Our waiter, who only ever waits on Table One and is quite friendly and polished, explained to us that we were about to embark on 7 courses and should expect to be there for about 4 hrs. He suggested our first choices for wine and let us loose in the kitchen to feast on the first course, a grand seafood display. Honestly, I couldn't possibly remember all the courses. There was lobster bisque and duck liver and beef in a reduced cabernet sauce and countless other delights. Dessert was extravegant and decadent. The pastry chef came in and explained some things and chatted. Being that we were a young group (late 20's, early 30's) we were drinking a great deal of wine and having lots of fun so the kitchen was as well. I'm sure it can be much more formal depending on the clientel. I appreciated that we were not snubbed and were greeted warmly and treated with respect.
      Would I often pay $600 or $700 for dinner for four?! Not a chance. But as a whole experience I would say it was definately worth it. And my God are the grounds beautiful.

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        Merrill Shindler recommends this as "the best" and I've never been disappointed by his recommendations. Also I've eaten at the restaurant and found everything about it wonderful.

      2. i've seen their table looks like a great place to enjoy a meal. i was at the restaurant for lunch and wasn't too impressed with the food, but again, it was only lunch. service was great.

        let us know what you think...

        1. I haven't tried the Table One but I have been to the Bel Air Hotel.

          The Bel Air Hotel is a singularly romantic and lovely place to have lunch or dinner. The patio outside is serene and beautiful. The food is perfect classical french. It's the perfect place to go to concentrate on the person you're with and have perfect food in perfect surroundings with perfect service. Having said all that, the food doesn't jump out at you like it does at some places. For one thing, it's bloody expensive, so it had better be good. But I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it or to return there.