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Alternative food courts

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I love ethnic food courts. Anyone who's spent time in Asia knows that food courts are part of the zeitgest of most Asian countries, from the hawker centers of Singapore, to the open air stands of Indonesia and Thailand, to the mall-based markets in Japan. The great thing is that I'm finding some great ones here in LA, too. Here are a few that I think are interesting - I apologize for not having all of the directions handy - do others have favorites as well?

1. This one thanks to a recent Chowhound post - the wonderful Thai food court on the weekends in the Thai temple across from Swasdee in North Hollywood. I ate there today. My favorite stand was run by a woman who makes a papaya and crab salad, mixed to order with great force (the line is a mile long, of course). She also sells a wonderful larb with sticky rice. The finest deep fried bananas are also available here. (But, alas, no Thai fried chicken!!)

2. I just came across this yesterday - on Western Ave. just north of Carson in Torrance there is a very impressive, quite new seeming Japanese market/mall with an interesting looking food court and tons of prepared foods.

3. Also on Western (or is it Vermont??!), but in Koreatown, closer to Olympic, there is an enormous mall with a Korean food court in the basement. Maybe someone has the address handy...

I have heard some reference to the Thai food court in Thai town as well (right near the big Thai supermarket and Hollywood Blvd), which appears to be closed. Does anyone know if this will come back?

Anyway, I'm sure that there are dozens of others. I'd be curious to hear about them. If only there were one Singapore style hawker center....


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  1. There are Chinese food courts at the 99 Ranch Market locations in Arcadia (1220 Golden West) and Rosemead (8150 E. Garvey) and next to the Rowland Heights Von's
    (18457 Colima Road). These locations contain various specialized Chinese eateries, certainly not intended for non-Chinese customers. There's also a pretty high turnover of restaurants, so if you find a place you like, it might not be there the next time.