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Dec 29, 2007 06:37 AM

HELP...Dinner TONIGHT in Myrtle Beach NC

Please help, 4 of us dining in North Carolina, Myrtle Beach tonight...need recommendations, steak, veal, lamb or duck being at the top of our list and of course seafood!!! Thanks fellow hounds!!!

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  1. Up north, I think in Little River, the Parson's Table is good and unique, a nice dining experience in the area. Cagney's or Thoroughbreds (both on Restaurant Row) both have decent beef. Chestnut Hill (also on Restaurant Row) is a very nice restaurant with good food. I've had good seafood there. I rate it above Sea Captain's House which is a very popular spot. And the Myrtle Beach location of the Bonefish Grill (the one at 7401 Kings Highway) is really good, probably the best chain restaurant I have ever eaten in, with a good atmosphere.

    Here's a good website to check out:

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      I second Chesnut Hill. Haven't been to Thoroughbreds, but it looks very nice.

    2. I know it is too late but Thoroughbred's would have been perfect for your party. I think Cagney's is past its sell date but Chesnut Hill has an excellent Sunday Brunch.

      In the same area, Rossi's is great.

      Further south either Louis or Louis Fish Camp or Frank's or Frank's Outback would have been perfect.

      P.S. Myrtle Beach is in South Carolina.