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Dec 29, 2007 06:05 AM

Gift Cert Ideas for CC Philly

Hi, fellow hounds! I'm buying a restaurant g/c for my friends today, and could use some extra ideas. Some specifics: one is a vegetarian with some dairy restrictions (but is not vegan) and she will eat fish on occasion. Her husband is a meat eater through and through (and enjoys fish sometimes). I'm looking to spend $50.00 (maybe a little more) and hope that would cover at least most of their meal. They live in the Rittenhouse area, but are willing to go anywhere in CC. I also live in CC and don't need an online resource. Ideas I've been floating around have been: Stephen Starr and Viola. Any other suggestions??? TIA!

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  1. 1 more problem: needs to be a place that accepts credit cards. I think this rules out La Viola.

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      I reccomend Horizons - if they share an app and get entrees.

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        Horizons was a great idea...that will prob be next time. I ended up with Starr, and think they'll enjoy it.

    2. I would suggest Stephen Starr. They'll have a lot of restaurants to choose from to suit their tastes. Also, $50 would cover dinner at Jones or Continental.

      1. Caffe Casta Diva on 20th is amazing and reasonable. Your friends sound like my husband and me (he being a carnivore and me being a veg) and we both love it. They take cards too

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          Branzino is another alternative but $50 for 2 is cutting it very close (and for Caffe Casta Diva as well)

        2. Raw sushi 12th and Sansom St.
          Great sushi and atmosphere. $50 will go about 3/4 the meal.