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Jan 27, 2001 06:08 PM

Where can I get fried chicken in LA?

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A fat craving for fried chicken! I thought Dinah's was awful and Norms even worse. Any good places other than Harold & Belles?

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  1. give gagnier's creole a try. great fried chicken. and it's actually cooked to order. takes about 20 min but well worth it and much more reasonable than harold and belles. tell me what you think of it.

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    1. re: jp

      You went to Norm's? And expected something that looked like food?

      Anyway, you might as well take a look at Stevie's on the Strip, on Crenshaw, which has very nice (if deep-fried) chicken that is moist and crisp and has been run briefly through a smoker before being fried.

      The various M&Ms also do a creditable job.

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        I just got back from a fried chicken lunch at Gagnier's and I enjoyed it a lot. The breading was well flavored and the chicken wasn't greasy at all (for fried chicken). The red beans and rice were also very good, although the sausage they came with didn't seem very authentic. I'd definitely go back to try the gumbo, jambalya, po boys etc.


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          Address and/or location, please, for those of us who'd like to try this place. Thanks!

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            it is in santa monica on Ocean Park Blvd. Cross st. is either 6th or 16th. I can't remember which one exactly.

            1. re: punkeepi

              I'm looking forward to trying it out, now that I know where it is!

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              Gagnier's is history.

              Went by last night (3/22) and there's a sign on the door "Closed for good." I think they are looking for a bigger locale, but for the meantime, Southern fried chicken fanatics are out of luck.

        2. Calvin's Place in Orange County is very good. Chicken is crispy, crunchy and flavorful on the outside, and moist, juicy and tasty inside. They probably fry it in lard, but, then, if they didn't, what would be the point? And their lemonade and sweet potato pie isn't bad, either.

          1. Red, that way too hip cafe on Beverly, serves a surprisingly good fried chicken breast. It is skinless and boneless and comes with a nice sauce supreme (a sauce I'm normally not terribly fond of, but they do it well). The frites there are also quite good, although I think that the default side dish is mashed potatoes. They also serve excellent meatloaf there. I haven't ever run into anyone who has told me that the food at Red is good, but, in my view, it really is.

            Note that Red is not to be confused with Red's, a Chowhound soul food place near downtown LA. I tried the fried chicken there too and left thinking it was OK, but not really a lot more satisfying than what you get at Popeye's (which I consider perfectly fine, the spicy stuff that is). And in addition the sides were quite disappointing - the quintessence of bland.


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            1. re: Dylan Yolles

              What's the matter with Roscoe's?

              1. re: cube

                I posted the original call our for fried chicken. I love Roscoes but was looking for a change of pace since I don't live near one.

                I do love Roscoes!

              2. re: Dylan Yolles

                I could be wrong about this, but what 'hound in his or her right mind would not enjoy Red's, a wonderful, unreconstructed soul-food lunch counter just a tick off of historic Central Avenue? The fried chicken and lemonade are key, of course, but the oxtails and pigtails are pretty great too. I have never found the food ``bland'' -- it's classic soul cooking.

              3. My two cents: I love Aunt Kizzy's (not to mention the melt in your mouth biscuits) and like M & M Soul Food better than Roscoe's! But Roscoe's is great for a late night and my friends dig the waffles.

                And as for Red, what's the point of skinless fried chicken?? :)

                I think I'll try Red's instead!

                1. Believe it or not Johnnie's Pastrami on Sepulveda in Culver City has a great fried chicken. My wife and I split the a plate of chicken and a pastrami everytime we go.