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Dec 29, 2007 05:19 AM

City House in Nashville

ate at the new Nashville restaurant City House in Germantown. I highly recommend it! Sat at the chefs bar with chef Tandy Wilson, it was a great experience!

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  1. What'd you have cracker? We need detail!

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      I second that request...details please! I've heard lots about the opening but have yet to see a menu or hear any details. Thanks in advance.

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        had the bread gnocchi, rapini pizza. the set up is really nice. its nice to have a chef owned place open on a Sunday night around here!

      2. Good to hear the quick recommendation. heading there tonight; apparently Sundays are 'off the menu' night and the chefs cook whatever suits them ...

        1. Their website is still under construction but for the future:

          1. A star is born: cool room, great service, outstanding food. bread gnocci is superb, so is their take on catfish (yes, at an Italian restaurant) and the sausage/potato pizza was the best I've had in a long, long time in Nashville.

            1. We made it over to City House on Monday night. Our meal was filling but not heavy, toasted bread soup, the catfish and trout with roasted apple/fennel and the canelli bean sides. Topped off with a chocolate hazelnut mousse.

              For a Monday night they had a good crowd but it wasn't full.

              The service was good over all, our server never brought the coffee that was ordered with dessert but the wine rec was excellent. It all balanced out to a good meal experience.

              The dinning room is very noisy. And I would gander that if they have a private party the dining room will be closed to the public.

              There is an outside patio area that was not open the night we were there, but come spring and summer it will be a lovely place for a meal. There is a small bar area and also a great view on the kitchen counter.

              We will be back and we will bring friends.

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                Went to City House last night and had an equally good experience. Was there with another restaurant person and we sat at the bar. Great drinks -- I had the Petey (Jamison, ginger syrup, orange bitters) and she had a old fashioned made with homemade syrup. House-cured sausage is righteous, the handmade, cracker-thin pizza crust and homemade sauce were what a pizza should be. Bread gnocchi were a real surprise, and the wagyu tri-tip with fennel salad was great! We sat at the bar, and Austin made a couple of terrific wine recs. I can't drink red wine, so he found a pink sparkler that was a great pairing with the beef. That's service! Total bill for four courses, two cocktails, four glasses of wine was $139. Not bad compared to other places.