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Dec 29, 2007 04:24 AM

Places to Eat in Cabo?

What are the best places to eat in Cabo? Will be heading down for my anniv. next month.

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  1. You must try Ediths in Cabo. It's amazing. I've eaten there four times. On my recent trip a few months ago I ate there twice. Check out their website at I highly recommend their caesar salad which is prepared tableside homemade. I didn't know that the caesar salad originated in Mexico and this restaurant sure knows how to prepare it. Also they grill their fish and meats using mesquite which brings out a wonderful flavor. Enjoy.

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      I second Edith's. We also really enjoyed Sunset Da Mona Lisa.

      For lunch we really enjoyed The Office on the Beach (yummy shrimp tacos).

      We tried to hit up French Riveria after reading rave reviews on CH, but it was closed.

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        I was gonna say the same thing!!! 1st thing that came to mind was the Caesar salad!!! Its a must!! Ive eaten there twice and its probably my favorite.

      2. I've had lunch at La Galleria - the best fish tacos I've ever had, and at Mi Casa, both in Cabo San Lucas. Mi Casa is pretty good, I liked the chicken mole. It's probably too touristy for the more adventurous, but I like it because of the memory of my son playing the guitar there. :-)

        In San Jose Del Cabo there is Mi Cochina and El Chilar. Mi Cochina is in a boutique hotel, it's beautiful and our dinner was delicious. We had a wonderful Meritage from Guadeloupe. El Chilar was also very good, Mr CF did a tasting menu there and liked it a great deal.

        Some of the hotels along the corridor (Highway A) such as Palmilla and Las Ventanas have marvelous restaurants. Palmilla has C (Charlie Trotter's) and Aqua - Aqua is wonderful and the view is spectacular. Las Ventanas's restaurant is very very good and the view is even better.

        Hope that helps and have fun in Cabo!

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          We stayed at the Palmilla for our honeymoon in May 2006. While C was supposed to be more high-end, we really preferred our meals at Agua. The view is wonderful, you can choose to eat indoors or outdoors, and the food was phenomenal.
          We went to Las Ventanas for dinner one night and while the view was great (you eat on a cliff literally over the water), we weren't as impressed with the meal as we were at the Palmilla.

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            We're actually going to Cabo next Tuesday and since we hadn't been to C's yet (but twice to Aqua) we had thought we'd try it - but now - maybe not!

            Las Ventana's has a lovely view, the walk to the restaurant is so peaceful and we've liked the food as well (service fell down once but it wasn't a biggie) but like you, we prefer Aqua. I love those outdoor tables and umbrellas. And the service has always been stellar.

            I can't wait till Tuesday!

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              C's isn't horrible--they actually have an amazing breakfast menu--it just didn't live up to the hype as it was a little more expensive with smaller portions. We just preferred the atmosphere and food at Agua. If your time is limited there, go back to Agua but if you have more time and an extra night to go for a nice dinner, try C out as well, and report back with your opinion.

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                Just got back from a trip to Los Cabos. Found much of the information previously reported to be very helpful - Nick San's in Cabo San Lucas was excellent (especially their 'Specials' section of the menu), for instance. I must add, however, a review for a relatively new restaurant in San Jose del Cabo called "The Chef's Table". According to their wait staff, the restaurant has only been open for 2 months or so. It's right in the heart of San Jose - very close to the Tropicana Inn. From the street, "Chef's Table" doesn't seem like much - just a glass door. But we had our best appetizers, best drinks, best atmosphere, best presentation and by far BEST SERVICE at this restaurant. The restaurant offers two menus - a fine dining menu (too pricy for our liking) and a standard fare menu (still pricy - entrees in the $12 US to $35 US range; drinks are also pricy). On Thursdays they have a buffet that showcases food from a specific region of Mexico (i.e. Oaxaca the night that we were there). The wait staff were terrific - very accommodating as we had two little ones who were finicky and sleepy. While there we saw at least three different groups of people who had returned for a second dining experience because their first was so positive; we would have done the same, except that it was our last night in Mexico.
                If you can afford a slightly pricier meal - if you're considering going to the Tropicana or El Chilar - you might want to check this place out. Although the entrees were a little hit or miss (the grilled marlin quesadillas were forgettable; steak tacos decent and fish tacos outstanding), the overall experience was worth returning for again and again. The restaurant does have a web site, too, if you want to check them out.
                Oh yes... in terms of their atmosphere, they also offer authentic mariachi band music after 8:00 p.m., and they project an old black and white mexican movie (no sound...just subtitles) on a wall in their main dining area. A neat glimpse of what Mexico looked like in the early-mid 1900's. (if you're just there for the food, they have a fine dining room with no distractions).

        2. Try the Office on Medano Beach. Really good food, fun atmosphere and nothing beats sitting on the beach with feet in sand looking out to the water. My wife and I ate there 3 times on our vacation we liked it so much. Try the flank steak nachos.

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