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Dec 29, 2007 02:50 AM

Food Police. Too overzealous??

I often wonder if food safety guidlines are even close to being accurate. I've been breaking food laws my entire adult life and havn't had so much as an upset stomach. I mean not ONE single time have I gotten sick?? Here's a few of my weekly or even daily sins.

* I enjoy my eggs sunny side up. The runnier the better.
* I grill my burger's med/rare. Even leaning a bit more towards the rare side on most occasions.
* I often thaw food on the kitchen counter.
* I keep eggs until the carton is empty, ignoring the expiration dates.
* I let my steaks warm to room temperature for a least an hour before they hit the grill.
* I've used the same marinade i've soaked meat in, to touch up the meat as it nears doneness on the grill.
* I believe the only way to enjoy a great steak is bloody rare.
* I've left grocerys in the car for a few hours on a cool day.
* I leave Pizza out all night long and eat it the next morning.
* I've ate leftovers 4 or even 5 days after they were cooked.
* I've refrozen meat.

And yet i'm still alive??? Am I just real lucky? OR is the food police a bit overzealous?

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  1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      Or, as my son says: "What doesn't kill you makes you breakfast."

      1. re: ozhead

        I'm not sure if this is a kidnapping reference or left overs.

    2. A little bit of both. I wouldn't tempt fate with those marinades, if I were you; but I think a lot of the meat dangers are less relevant when you buy from a reliable, local source (as opposed to getting bulk purchases of ground beef from the discount supermarket chain).

      Otherwise, I've tempted fate too - I eat spoonfuls of raw cookie dough, I leave groceries in the car, I don't always re-wash bagged greens. No problems this far. The only time I've been sick was due to a casual chain restaurant.

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      1. re: piccola

        I eat chunks of my london broil raw. And lick the bowl of all my cheesecake batter. And eat some of my cookie dough before baking.

        Of course they're too zealous, it simply came out of protecting themselves from maniacally letigious customers.

      2. Ranger
        Remember: The 'Food Police', as you humerously refer to them, are not saying, if you do the things you mentioned, that you will definitely become ill. They are pointing out what COULD happen under those circumstances. For example, if you eat, out-all-night, pizza, Vs refrigerated leftover pizza, there is no doubt the non refrigerated pizza will have a higher bacteria count. than the pizza stored in the fridge. Whether or not it makes you ill, depends a great deal upon the ingredients, combined with the room temperature and, sometimes, how much you eat. It's more common sense /probability advice. The FP's are using proven rates of bacteria levels under certain conditions/time frames, to make their reccs. I've certainly broken many 'food laws' and lived to tell the tale, but I've done so knowing I am exposing myself to potentially higher probabilities of experiencing a "gotcha" moment. I'm sure we all have our own particular 'line holders.' I for one, would never eat expired eggs, nor would I use the same marinade, lthough I'm reasonably sure the marinade itself will kill/retard bacterial growth. I would never, ever refreeze thawed meat.
        . You also have to keep in mind that there are different levels sickness brought on by unsafe, or at least, somewhat risky food practices. Ranging from feeling 'blah' to being hospitalized after vomiting for 6 days straight, becoming dehydrated.and needing IV re-hydration Once someone experiences a real case of food poisoning, (And I'm not referring to the 24 hr stomach viruses that most people refer to as food poisoning) They become a lot more cautious.At least I did. You better believe I never again left a packet of fast food ceasar salad dressing out all night

        1. Well, I did it again. I just had two sunny side up eggs that were left out all night and expired on 10/3/07!!!!! I'm going to bed after working all night. I pray that I will wake up!!!!!

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          1. re: Ranger05

            Ranger... 10/3/07???... Gee you sure are testing the limits. :-}You're like the Evel Kneivel of questionable food choices! I sincerely hope you never, ever experience any repercussions from your risky ways, but if you do, at least you'll know who is to blame lol!
            You better check in with us when (if) you wake up so we know you made it ! :-}
            PS: Make a New Year's resolution to ditch those ancient eggs!

            1. re: Tay

              I hope that's using the American date format.

              1. re: Tay

                Eggs last a long time before going rotten -- and believe me, you will know it if you crack an egg and it's rotten.

                There are storage methods for eggs that will keep them for 6 months unrefrigerated.

                Basically, as somebody else noted below, the main problem with old eggs is their consistency changes -- the white becomes more watery.

                You don't get food poisoning from old eggs -- you get it from eggs that are tainted with bacteria, and this happens at the time the egg is laid and/or processed at the plant, not in your refrigerator.

              2. re: Ranger05

                From what I understand, eggs deteriorate in quality as they get older (the whites become more liquidy, etc.). But they won't catch salmonella from sitting around in the fridge or on the counter--they're either infected when the hen lays them or they're not. If the shell has cracks, I guess there could be a danger from bacteria. Otherwise, I think the shell is a pretty good preservative.

                I honestly don't know how long a good egg can go before it starts to rot--hard to tell that the egg was good in the first place without breaking it! Maybe someone out there knows...

                In any case, I keep my eggs on the counter, not in the fridge, sometimes use them past the expiration date, and I always lick the bowl when making cakes. And I consider myself a pretty cautious person, having had bad food poisoning before (from spoiled meat).

              3. Wow! I'm not the only one. I remember when there were not so many FP rules. Who knew that pizza left out all night was something that could make us sick. Back in the day, I think most college kids would be laughing at this. BTW...I would have eaten the eggs too. Still tasted yum, right?