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Jan 26, 2001 05:43 PM

Need a chill bar to go to

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Hi all,

Was wondering if you had suggestions on a great bar to go to. Something in the Sherman Oaks-Encino-Hollywood triangle would be good. I'm going with a few old friends and we would like someplace with good drinks, good appetizers/finger foods, and a relaxed atmosphere where we can chat and have fun. A dance floor and/or live music would be nice too, if the place is not too meat-market-y or filled with obnoxious drunks (a la Dublins).

I have searched high and low and have yet to find a place in the above triangle for this... Can someone help??


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  1. never been there, always want to try, just for som la history.

    derby or dresden in los feliz are fun.

    there's a good blues bar on vta called smokin johnnies

    1. I can humbly suggest some of my own favorites, all with easy parking, tables frequently available, decent appetizers, good ambiance, not too loud, fairly reasonable prices...most are in Hollywood. I'm usually out during the week, so keep in mind some of these spots get ugly on weekend nights.

      Mandalay (La Brea) - they have a LIST to get in on weekend nights, but early in the eve mid-week is great; sometimes a jazz combo, nice app's but dinner is $$$ and not so great.
      Atlas (Wilshire) - beautiful room, jazz/salsa & dancing at night, check the LA Weekly for listings.
      El Carmen (3rd) - Mexican wrestling motif. What else does one need? (Oh, how about a hundred diff kinds of tequila? They also have a short taco menu to chose from.)
      Yamashiro (Hollywood Hills) - it's all about the view - drinks are a little expensive, the bar food is just okay. But the view is unreal.
      Mexico City (Hillhurst) - nice atmosphere, good marg's and food (and, like Yamashiro, close to freeway for Valley people).
      Saddle Ranch (Sunset) - I wish I could say I was kidding...but this place cracks me up. Don't forget to ride the mechanical bull.
      El Compadre (Sunset) - low key Mexican with nice big old school booths and sometimes a mariachi band.

      .Hopefully some of these are new to you, and/or what you're looking for. Let me know if I can suggest anything else.

      1. Try Universal Bar & Grill. It has an indoor fireplace, pool table and live music. Also Smokin' Joe's is great for blues with the same sort of relaxing atmosphere.