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Dec 28, 2007 09:49 PM

Affordable caviar from any store in the L.A. area

I usually have sevruga caviar for New Years Eve, but I'm afraid I spent too much this Christmas to pay those prices. I've read that American caviars are cheaper and just as good. Is there any place in the L.A. area where I can find caviar for $25 or less an ounce?

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  1. I have two oz. of caviar from Costco. It cost $79. We plan on serving it Sunday night. I think it is from farm raised Sturgeon.

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      You got a good price. Their web site has two types of American farmed caviar. The least expensive is $125 for 2 oz and the other one is $140 for 2 oz. They also list Russian farmed caviar but had no price listed that I saw.

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        Which Costco? Both Marina del Rey and Lawndale (Manhattan Beach) are not carrying it this year. So sad. For years Costco has been my New Years Eve caviar source.

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          Just found out you can still order it at for that great price. But ... takes 5 business days to receive. Probably a little late for this New Years Eve.

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            Incidentally, since the thread is opened, the Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills had caviar available, I believe "Imperial Malossol" (probably not actually Beluga) was $60 an ounce, Sevruga $50 and Osetra $45, but they also had US-provenance farm-raised sturgeon for even less than that. I couldn't speak to the quality, though.

        2. Surfas in Culver City used to have a selection of American caviar. Might be worth giving them a call.

          1. Some of the Russian/Armenian markets carry Caviar. Try Jons in Glendale or the one on Santa Monica near Western, or Super King on San Fernando.

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              The prices for Black Sea caviar are ruinous, since it's contraband in the United States. And ever since that ban went into place, the price for American caviar has doubled at least -- you used to be able to get American caviar for $20 an ounce and now it's twice that at least.

              Your best bet is going to be Surfas, I think, or perhaps Wholesome Choice down here in Irvine.

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                What is the quality of caviar from the Russian/Armenian markets? How about the Persian/Iranian markets? Has anybody tried purchasing caviar there, and if so, how's the quality and what's the price?

                1. re: luigisdad

                  Where are the Persian/Iranian Markets?

                  1. re: Burger Boy

                    Wholesome Choice in Irvine is Persian-run. You might check out Westwood Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd., as that's a big Persian community, if the Westside is better for you, or else Tarzana in the Valley.

              2. I just looked it up, and 1 oz. of paddlefish at Surfas is $24:
                They may have other varieties for other prices in the store itself. I've found that the selection online is more limited than the selection in the actual store.

                Petrossian has some American caviar for $61 for 1.75 oz. Like Surfas, the actual selection may be different in the store:

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                1. re: Faulkner99

                  I've gotten caviar from Surfas--very good, very fresh. Be sure you call and have them reserve some for you. The chefs raid Surfas' caviar around the holidays.
                  What I also liked was that the folks at Surfas want to make sure you take care of those fish eggs until the time you eat it, they don't want you ruining their good caviar. :)

                2. You can get a one ounce jar of American caviar (two varieties, Osetra and another) for $21 at Beverages and More

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                  1. re: Diana

                    Thanks for the suggestions. BevMo is near my house, so I went there today on Diana's recommendation. Great prices--a 2 ounce jar of American Sevruga for $40!

                    1. re: Diana

                      +1 for Bevmo, I have bought several times from two locations.
                      Occasionally, Trader Joes has caviar as well.
                      While you're at it, Bisquick, salt and water makes a passable blini.

                      1. re: cls

                        I was watching this Frasier episode about the Caviar black-market, so I've been craving it all week. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try Bevmo today.

                        Costco is selling for real cheap on their site. Around $50 per ounce for Bulgarian white sturgeon and Florida Siberian.

                        1. re: david t.

                          Checking out their websites, Costco sells "Osetra" for $55/oz. $50/oz for "Siberian"
                          Bevmo sells the same brand of Osetra for $60/oz.

                          But Bevmo also sells " Beluga" for $60/oz (as well as "sevruga" $29/oz)

                          1. re: david t.

                            Yeah, many of these posts are half a decade old. So prices have changed. My (excellent) source for paddlefish (sometimes called American Sevruga) is now $90 for 4oz. Five years ago it was around $70.

                            1. re: foodiemahoodie

                              That's still good. $22.50 an ounce.

                              Caviar was supposed to be the more affordable alternative. Since Beluga was banned, I think american caviar producers have taken advantage of Russian market weakness and have been fleecing consumers. I just don't understand the prices nowadays for American caviar. It's outrageous. $720 an ounce for california sustainable caviar at Tsar Nicolai?!