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Dec 28, 2007 07:23 PM

Sangha - upscale sushi in Glen Park Village

Any reports on this place yet? According to the story at this link, their opening was yesterday:

I walked by tonight and peered in the window...Nigiri prices range from $4-6, entrees in the $16-20 range. The menu is very small (3 cooked entrees, 1-2 soups and salads, and sushi - maybe 10 types of maki and 5-7 types of nigiri).

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  1. they finally opened wow its been a few years since i spoke to the owner when i was in his furniture store near by and he told me he was opening a sushi place, look forward to trying it.

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      wife and i wanted to try the new place in the neighborhood. i'm sad to say we won't be back. the very clean, spare look they're going for in design actually came off as very bland, and depressing (other might disagree). they don't even place napkins or silverware on the tables until food arrives, all in the name of that cleanness. but the effect didn't work for us at all. it felt very, very cold, actually. the massive hole in the wall, covered with a sheet, but still spouting a breeze didn't help matters. the food was good, but expensive, inmho, and not very special. we shared two sushi rolls - the ecstasy roll, and another i can't recall. i had been to moki the night before, and the ecstasy roll at Sangha paled in comparison to that at Moki (and was 25% smaller). we ordered the chicken entree. It was a very tender, good sized chicken breast that was boneless and skinless with a nice asian influenced glaze. mashed potatoes and vegetables were good. overall though, the dish just felt very ordinary. service was warm, in contrast to the incredibly bland, depressing interiors. i think that this place will have a hard time surviving in the newly bustling glen park restaurant scene. the french place, gialina, and chenery park are all far superior, and moki, deep sushi et al, are a five minute drive away. another, cheaper italian place slated to open in the old bird and beckett book spot will make things tougher for Sangha, I think...

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        The new italian place is supposed to be opened by manjel, the owner of Higher Grounds. apparently, he was trained in Rome as a chef when he was youner and wants to start cooking roman style food again.

        I hope that doesn't mean his crepes will suffer....

        The french place, l'ptit laurent, was a comple dissapointment when i went with my husband on Friday.

        i will post an announcement about it on the board.

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      1. Let me preface this response with the fact that I'm kind of a picky raw fish eater (I've never been able to eat sushi rolls or other raw fish at any other place besides Michael Mina, Boulevard, and Aqua) - I don't know what it is but I've always struggled with typical sushi restaurants.

        Now, because I'm a Latin American ingredient addict, as soon as I saw the menu for Sangha I knew I had to give Japanese style sushi another try. I went to Sangha over Father's Day weekend and the menu choices just blew my mind. At first I ordered the items I had read about on Yelp (which many people on Yelp are raving about Sangha) - ecstasy roll, jalapeno fritters (tasty, but would probably only order if I had guests in town), spider roll, tuna tartar with taco chips (yummy!), and a selection of raw fish that I asked the waiter to pick out for me. The flavors were incredible. The cilantro and avocado emphasis, the ginger sauce, the tempura inside the rolls, and the quality of the fish, left me craving the entire meal all over again the next day.

        I understand that the decor of the restaurant irritates some people, but if you go there with fun company and just focus on the food, who really cares if the place looks bland?! I know where my eyes were at during the whole meal - completely focused on the creative presentation of every dish!

        They don't have nice wine glasses, so we brought our own in and they were supportive of our decision, which doesn't always happen when you bring your own stems to restaurants.

        I would highly recommend this restaurant. Sometimes it takes new restaurants a little while to figure out the nuances so maybe try it again if you haven't had a great experience before.

        1. link

          Sangha Sushi
          678 Chenery St, San Francisco, CA