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Dec 28, 2007 07:12 PM

Angus Rump Roast, now what

I bought a small 2 lb roast which I was told by the butcher that this can be use and what it to be falling off the bones when done cooking, any suggestions on the process of cooking it so it melts in your mouth. Do you think I should buy more meat and use beer and wine to cook it in these liquids. Please help me out! I need it to feed around 6 people. What should I serve on the side?

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  1. well, lol , u definitely need more meat. After 2# is done cooking , u will barely have 1/4 # / person - u can get a bigger portion from a good hamburger.

    1. You can feed 6 people with that size roast provided you have a number of sides. As to the cooking, check out this search:

      Sides with beef are fairly easy; don't fret. Potato casseroles are easy. Braised cabbage (especially sweet/sour) works nicely, and can be done ahead by a day or more. Steamed or sauteed green beans are nice with beef, as well.

      What is the context of your meal? We can all help with more suggestions with a little more info.

      You'll do fine...just breeeeath, and ask.