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Jan 25, 2001 10:43 PM

The Bucket

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I was just looking through my ancient copy of Koretz and Nankin's Fantastic Dives and wondering: does The Bucket in Eagle Rock still exist?

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  1. Michael--, as usual, has the answer.

    The Bucket 4541 Eagle Rock Blvd,  Los Angeles, CA (323) 257-5654 


    1. One of the local guidebooks used to say that The Bucket was the place you went for burgers and abuse (surly counterman). I never got around to trying it.

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        I haven't been in a while (and I'm not sure the place is still the same), but the Bucket was run by a surly Basque guy named Julio, who was fond of tormenting his customers about what he perceived as their sexual predilictions, anatomical drawbacks, ethnicity and taste in food. (Sometimes if you didn't order a beer with your burger, you'd be tossed out on your ear.)

        I have been assured that he was kidding when he praised Hitler -- which he did every time I went to the restaurant -- and talked nastily about gays and lesbians, but frankly, I haven't been in the mood to find out.

        Which is too bad, because his burgers, topped with inhuman amounts of sauteed zucchini, pepper and garlic, and his cottage fries with garlic mayonnaise were in fact pretty good, although saturated with literal handfuls of industrial-strength garlic powder.

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        Elliott Koretz

        Yes, The Bucket still exists...atleast it did about a year ago when I last ate there. Julio has retired but the new owner has kept his signature burgers and fries as well as added a few new items to the menu. They also have added an outdoor patio which greatly increased the seating capacity. (up from eight)

        Elliott Koretz
        Fantastic Dives