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Dec 28, 2007 06:55 PM

Deviled Eggs with a flair for New Year's Eve

any suggestions on deviled eggs not the norm and must look and taste great for a party witth fussy foodies. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  1. Put chopped (or whole, if small) capers in them and sprinkle smoked paprika on top. I just Googled and found a recipe that matches the ingredients I mentioned:

    Also see this recent devilled-eggs thead:

    1. For extravagant taste, caviar is it! Or use salmon roe.

      Crispy fried prosciutto, slice into thin strips, and make it "stand" on the deviled eggs

      You can also make the mousse, separate them into different batches, and mix in different herbs into each. Dill, chives, etc. Even jalapeno.

      1. Mashed potato deviled eggs.

        Make a batch of dreamy creamy buttered mashed potatoes. Add a small amount of this into the very finely mashed yolks. I also like to add bacon and chives. Use a basic piping tip and ziploc bag to pipe towers of mashed potato egg goodness into each half egg. Great flavor.

        I've also done curried mashed pototoes, and parmigiano/roasted garlic deviled eggs.
        Good protein and carb hit all in one.

        1. How about Green Eggs and Ham? You use avocados and ground country ham. I think proscuitto would work as well, Go to, click recipes, scroll to Green Eggs and Ham.

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            The avocado goes well with shrimp, too.

          2. Use peewee sized eggs. They're just a small mouthful.
            How about devilled eggs in aspic?


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              I've made quail egg ones with black truffles - delicious, though peeling those things is a real pain!

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                I always use medium eggs when I make deviled eggs... much more fun when they're smaller.

                And I always cook a few extra just for the yolks. I like to pile on the filling.

                As for a fancy filling... try some crab meat with a tiny bit of wasabi or top the crab with some of that wasabi caviar. It's cheap, green (fun) and tasty.