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Deviled Eggs with a flair for New Year's Eve

any suggestions on deviled eggs not the norm and must look and taste great for a party witth fussy foodies. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  1. Put chopped (or whole, if small) capers in them and sprinkle smoked paprika on top. I just Googled and found a recipe that matches the ingredients I mentioned: http://www.recipe.dominica-weekly.com...

    Also see this recent devilled-eggs thead:

    1. For extravagant taste, caviar is it! Or use salmon roe.

      Crispy fried prosciutto, slice into thin strips, and make it "stand" on the deviled eggs

      You can also make the mousse, separate them into different batches, and mix in different herbs into each. Dill, chives, etc. Even jalapeno.

      1. Mashed potato deviled eggs.

        Make a batch of dreamy creamy buttered mashed potatoes. Add a small amount of this into the very finely mashed yolks. I also like to add bacon and chives. Use a basic piping tip and ziploc bag to pipe towers of mashed potato egg goodness into each half egg. Great flavor.

        I've also done curried mashed pototoes, and parmigiano/roasted garlic deviled eggs.
        Good protein and carb hit all in one.

        1. How about Green Eggs and Ham? You use avocados and ground country ham. I think proscuitto would work as well, Go to www.Broadbenthams.com, click recipes, scroll to Green Eggs and Ham.

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            The avocado goes well with shrimp, too.

          2. Use peewee sized eggs. They're just a small mouthful.
            How about devilled eggs in aspic?


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              I've made quail egg ones with black truffles - delicious, though peeling those things is a real pain!

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                I always use medium eggs when I make deviled eggs... much more fun when they're smaller.

                And I always cook a few extra just for the yolks. I like to pile on the filling.

                As for a fancy filling... try some crab meat with a tiny bit of wasabi or top the crab with some of that wasabi caviar. It's cheap, green (fun) and tasty.

              2. Normally deviled eggs are cut lengthwise, but I find cutting the eggs across the width so they stand a bit taller looks cool, and mixing the egg yolks with cream cheese and pipe back into the eggs in a nice shape. After that you really want some colour, try say crisped red beets, blue potatoes, and sweet potatoes. The red, blue and orange look nice and then with a little green leaf like from mint, or a pea shoot sprig or something along those lines.

                Try cutting little shapes out of peppers or quartered grapes. Quail eggs is a good idea but they are annoying to peel and can easily tear so maybe practice a batch of quail eggs and serve them to a friend or family first.

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                  Do you just toss the tops of the eggs when you cut them this way?

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                    I've always cut them that way....the only ones that aren't useable are the ones that tear, and they get mashed into the yolks...I cut a thin slice off the "bubble" end of the egg, and a little more off the point of the boiled egg, so they'll sit nicely, and mash all that white into the yolks. If it's not a huge amount to make, I'll cut the whites in a zig-zag...all around, like an Easter egg


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                      Actually just cut the egg in half then cut off just a little end of the egg so it can stand straight. I find cutting cooked eggs with string or dental floss works - tie one end to a solid surface and hold the other - . These eggs were done by a girl in my class, but it gives you an idea of what I'm trying to say.

                  2. Make home made mayonnaise to transform deviled eggs into something really special. For the filling, I actually like to keep it simple. Some mustard [if using jarred mayo, since I add lots to my homemade], mayo, salt, white pepper and sweet paprika.

                    Then consider different toppings so people can choose their favorites. Anchovies, finely chopped capers in salt, flavored or smoked salt chunks, caviar, chopped chives, red onion, and/or smoked salmon.

                    1. I a little curry in the standard filling is nice.

                      As already mentioned, caviar if you're feeling flush. Or the tobbiko wasabi caviar used in sushi bars is very affordable and has a good flavour

                      You can mash some sriracha mayo in the yolks and top with a thin slice of sushi grade tuna... or other fish but I like tuna best

                      Sliced fresh truffle, again if money is not an issue

                      Diced wild mushrooms braised in red wine with fresh herbs on top

                      1. I'm planning on making the one's served at oleana...I haven't made them but have enjoyed them at the bar...
                        The link is here: http://recipe.aol.com/recipe/deviled-...

                        1. Beautiful,elegant, delicious. A simple and basic deviled egg recipe. Then, garnish with a few gleaming pearls of salmon caviar, further accented with a few lengths of chive, cut to be proportional to the egg. Especially good with champagne to accompany.

                          1. It may seem boring compared to some of these other suggestions but I mixed horseradish into my eggs this christmas...vary the amount according to the kick you like, they were mainstream enough to be munched by picky eaters but different enough to be commented on...

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                              I second the horseradish suggestion, but I like to add some crumbled bacon as well. Delicious!

                            2. I made this once and it was so good. Mash the yokes with mayo, dijon, chopped sharp cheddar, chopped scallions, and little pieces of crispy bacon.

                              I suspect this doesn't quite have the flair of caviar though. :D

                              1. Try adding wasabi to the yolk filling and THEN topping with caviar. Black cavair on a pale green egg...maybe a few small pieces of chive...Beautiful!
                                Or add a bit of finely chopped chipotle with the adobo sauce to the filling, top with a few sprigs of cilantro.