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Dec 28, 2007 06:44 PM

hangover migas for an old man

So, as you know, we'll be in town for other half's 40th. when his memory is not failing him, he fondly remembers a place for migas at a tiny Mexican place (highly unusual, i know) by a laundry mat (yes, even more unlikely), as you head to lake austin near the new Randalls grocery store. Anyone know where this place is, or should I just tell him, again, he's an old coot?

Or, anyone know of a place with better migas? I went to Tamale house #3, and was unimpressed (fighting words, I know)--so was he. Help!

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  1. You're thinking of Maudie's. They now have locations all over town.

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    1. re: exlnghrn

      I'm the first to say that my husband has bad taste. :)

      Are there any better?

      1. re: ljero

        The migas at Amaya's Taco Village in Capital Plaza have many loyal fans. Me, I am a big fan of Taco Village for Mexican breakfast, but I always get huevos rancheros. Their made-in-house corn tortillas are a big cut above the usual.


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          Cisco's at 1511 E Sixth has been treating hangovers for about a billion years. An Austin institution with pictures of LBJ and the like and the original patriarch Rudy (I think Rudy) Cisco everywhere. Seems like he gave bloody Mary's away back in the day as he had no liquor license. Don't know if they have one now as my drinking daze ended in the 90's. Get the Migas and fajitas with tortillas and biscuits. Squeeze bottle margarine. Parking lot across the street and a bit to the left if you can't park on the street.

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          Since you mention both 'hangover' and 'migas', I'd head to Trudy's and wash it all down with one of their rather good Bloody Marys.

        3. I like Aranda's migas. Only $5 and lots of white cheese and peppers.

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            South Congress Cafe has awesome migas. I have never had migas at Juan in a Million but I love the huge don juan breakfast taco...very good for hangovers...really good hot sauce and I mean hot!