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Dec 28, 2007 06:41 PM

Double Baked Potatoes

Any recipes with a flair that looks pretty and tastes even better?

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  1. I assume you are talking about what my family calls Twice Baked Potatoes - baked potatoes that are halved, hollowed, re-stuffed with the potato mashed and seasoned and then run under the broiler to finish. We always make sure the potato filling is very creamy, use lots of cheese on top (sometimes we add bacon or chives to the filling) and let the cheese almost brown. They look good, if a bit homey. They are always delicious! I imagine you could make these more unusual in many ways - just think what common combinations would go with potatoes.

    1. You can also make double baked sweet potatoes, with a hint of curry and a bit of yogurt. Spooned or piped back into the shell. Makes a good side dish that can be made ahead and then reheated.

      1. I have these in the oven! So strange someone was wondering... I have only made them twice before (once for a bunch of friends at a ski lodge) but folks seem to love them... Cooking Light's twice baked with salmon...

        1. The recipe I have, with which I immediately fell in love, uses both sour cream and cream cheese. I put the cooked potato flesh through a ricer, and then mix the additives in with a fork to keep the starch from developing. Said additives also usually include chopped scallion, both green and white, and crumbles of the best bacon I can find. The only complaints I've had is that I'd made just one apiece...

          1. We recently added browned Italian sweet sauage, freshly grated parm, light cream and a bit of butter to the potato and rebaked until bubbly. Delicious! Meal all its own.