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Dec 28, 2007 06:10 PM

Decent food in Tallahassee, FL?

I live in Montreal, Canada, I'm in Tallahassee for 5 more days, where is edible food?

Food, wine, cookbooks and everything food-related are comparatively cheap here... where is the product of this fantastic combination?

:D I need help.

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  1. Best food, by far, is at Sage, a small elegant restaurant off Thomasville Road. You will need directions...also great, and with no pretentions but excellent food at very reasonable prices is Kool Beanz, also directly on Thomasville Road, near downtown.
    Read mixed reviews on Urbane, in heart of downtown on Park Ave. but have not tried it.
    I think all of these have a website if you Google them. Good luck and bon appetit.

    1. I agree with the other post. Try out Mozaic also- from the same owners of Kool Beans. Chez Pierre also has GREAT pate, typical french fare, etc. For quick fast food try Guthries- fried chicken strips, fries and texas toast- a Southern tradition. Good Southern food also at Catfish Pad. Stay away from the Chinese Restaurants- they're all pretty bad......

      1. If you do a search on Tallahassee you will see everything that Tallahassee has to offer. Cluster and Hops on Monroe is good but very small and Fusion, just up the road is also worth a mention. A good Chinese place is China Delight on Tennessee just west of the bus station. Cypress, closed on Mondays, is excellent as well.

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          China Delight is better if you go with a Chinese friend (someone who speaks Chinese; I think it's Mandarin but that's just a hunch). I had soup there once, noodles and beef in a rich broth, and it was great.

          Chez Pierre is forgettable. Sage is great. I've only had good meals at Cypress but some have said otherwise. We liked Urbane, a little uneven but it's new and interesting.