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Dec 28, 2007 06:04 PM

Best Meal of 2007

Okay, campers, it's that time of year when everyone and his dog (or cat, if you will) is doing a Best Of list for 2007, so here's mine. Very simply, you can address this topic many different ways:

What (and where) was the Best Meal you experienced during 2007? and/or

What is the one restaurant (and/or dish) you hope to try in 2008?

Guys, please don't let me down. I've already tried to post this question on another site, but most of the (forgive me, but I have to say it) twentysomething poseurs that frequent the site were too busy sending each other coded messages to participate. (Not you, of course Donna, you always contribute!!!)

Please post, and soon. I'm really interested in good Chow talk. Thanks!!!

My personal favorite meal: Barbecued double-cut pork chop from Coopers Barbecue in Llano, Texas.

Hope to try this year: All the great places in Lockhart and Luling, as well as other Roadtrip adventures!!!

Don't Let Me Down, Guys!!!!!

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  1. Just a gentle reminder, please limit your responses to your best meals in restaurants in Texas, since the purpose of this board is to discuss chow in Texas, not other regions.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Toro sashimi (blue fin belly) at Sushi Sake in Plano. Unbelievably melt-in-your-mouth heaven! Although I agree with Thefoodczar -- Cooper's in Llano is hard to beat! Their goods served up on a tray outside the front door, after being pulled straight off the pit and dunked into their thin, vinegary sauce is the best "Texas" experience ever!

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      1. re: DiRotiman

        Thanks, DiRotiman. Must try Sushi Sake, as my lovely wife the Rock Star is a true sushi fanatic!

      2. My friends and I were just talking about this the other night at dinner. My real answer is The Hump for sushi in Santa Monica, but since we've already been chastised. . .

        In Texas, likely the best single meal was dinner just the other night at Abacus. I had the Colorado rack of lamb and ordered the side of black truffle risotto a la carte. Both were perfectly executed.

        1. My husband and I had a great meal at Enoteca Vespaio in Austin this summer and also I had a fantastic meal at Roy's on the tollway in Plano. I had the butter fish and it was outstanding. I know we are talking about Texas but I was lucky enough to eat at Mario Batali's Babbo in NYC twice this year and I have to say it was beyond Amazing. It was not only the 2 best meals of 2007 but maybe of my life

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          1. re: Analisas mom

            Thanks to both of you. I love Roy's and need to revisit this year; it's been too long. As for The Hump, my lovely wife the Rock Star travels frequently to the Left Coast on business, and on her behalf I thank you for the recommendation.

            1. re: Thefoodczar

              Hopefully this won't be dinged: FYI The Hump is at Santa Monica airport. Blowfish in season and lobster sashimi complete with a still-waving head on the plate--vivisection performed at the sushi bar for your entertainment. Flown in daily from Tskiji (sp?).

              Forgot to list places for 2008. Some are still coming soon, and some I haven't gotten around to due to budget constraints and because of my friends' limited tolerance for being dragged around the metroplex: Charlie Trotters, Scene, Don Panza, Zen Sushi, Tei An (the new sushi place the former owner of Teppo is building at One Arts), Fearings. If I HAVE to narrow it down to one, then Tei An.

              And I want to take back my Abacus answer-- forgot a fabulous tasting menu I had at Lanny's in FW back in May.

          2. Grilled amberjack with asparagus at Reef in Houston, hands down my best meal of 2007. This was in August and I still drool when thinking of it.

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            1. re: jim1126

              My favorites of 2007 was definitely our meal at Craft. The short ribs and panna cotta were outstanding. My other favorites werethe Sea Bass at Chow Thai Pacific Rim (it rivaled a spectacular meal we had in the Carribbean and only comes in second because its not next to the ocean). My other favorite was lunch and pastries at the Rather Sweet Bakery.

              1. re: foodie06

                I forgot to mention one other great meal we had this year. The Sea Bass at Samui in Shops of Legacy Area. We really love going there it is a very cozy place. The food is always very good, but the Sea Bass with a pumpkin sauce is fantastic.