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Dec 28, 2007 05:30 PM

Xochitl or Lolita?

I am looking for make reservations for restaurant week. I have a res. at Amada already and am looking to make one at either Lolita or Xochitl. Lolita's menu seems a little bit more daring, but Xochitl is offering 4 courses, and for a college student, that is a big deal. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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  1. Lolita, hands down. The food at Xochitl is nothing special, I don't care how many courses they're offering.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      I've enjoyed my meals at Lolita but I don't think the food resonates on an authenticity level in the same way as the food at Xochitl does. While it's true that the BYOB thing at Lolita may be a plus, the bar selections at Xochitl are as good or better than anything else in the city. Because you're saving a little coin during restaurant week anyway, go to Xochitl for authentic Mexican and buy a few cocktails. You won't be disappointed.

    2. I actually disagree re: Xochitl. I found the food great there. But then again I haven't eaten at Lolita so I probably shouldn't butt in here.

      1. Lolita definitely. The food is outstanding. Xochitl's appetizers are excellent. Guacamole made tableside, terrific, and margaritas may be the best in town, but the entrees are not an exhibit of the best authentic Mexican food in town. Even if Lolita is technically "inspired" and not "authentic", Marcy Turney may as well have just crossed the border for how good it is! Plus, if you're a college student concerned about cash, you'll save at Lolita with it's BYO policy.

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        1. re: mazchristo

          lolita, most definitely.
          maz was right on re: xochitl's appetizers, but the amazement ends there. lolita was more consistently fabulous. can't comment on authenticity, but i'll take quality over authenticity any day.

        2. Definitely Lolita's!!! I moved away from the city and have been craving her food!

          1. When is restaurant week, by the way?

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