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Dec 28, 2007 05:19 PM

Another Richmond Question

So I've lived here for 2 years now and had some good meals and a lot of very mediocre ones. My question is though, when people come to town - what should i show them to "show off" richmond? what is the best here?

brunch at the jefferson - while not the best of every kind of food i've ever eaten or anything - qualifies in my opinion because the food is above average and it's every bit an "experience". but what else? and they don't all have to be fancy like the one above...

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  1. I haven't posted my full review yet, but I went to Comfort last week during my overnight stop in Richmond en route to North Carolina from Manhattan and very much enjoyed the food there - especially the pork tenderloin and fried okra.

    1. I'm a Richmond native and certain places are very "Richmond". We often break up drinks and dinner. In the winter, drinks at TJ's at The Jefferson and walk around to see the hotel. Suumer, mojitos at Havana 59. Summer or winter, Can-Can is a great place for a cocktail. For Richmond meals...brunch at Millie's. And perhaps another night dinner at Millie's (especially if the people aren't going to be there on a weekend). Edo's Squid or Mamma Zu's (I much prefer Edo's but others prefer MZ) is a very Richmond experience with great food as is Comfort. Another place that is good for a drink is Tobacco Company or other bars in Shockoe Slip just to see it. If they want the best steak in Richmond and don't mind heading out of town and want a casual roadhouse experience, we go to The North Pole in Crozier.

      1. I always recommend The Old City Bar right next to Main St Station - elegant with close parking and good food. The view looking up at the station at night is a lovely look at a Richmond monument. Good bar, too.

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          I agree with this. OCB is one of those very good places that isn't mentioned (I'm guilty of it) as often as it should be.