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Jan 25, 2001 11:03 AM

Good Place for Omelets?

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Hi everyone --

I'm looking for a good omelet (or omelette, if your prefer) in Los Angeles. I'm not sure whether this question has been posted before on this board, but I couldn't find it. I enjoy making my own omelets, and have difficulty finding a nice breakfast place that doesn't overcook them.

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  1. Not exactly in LA, but in Sunset Beach (just behind the Orange Curtain) is Harbor House Cafe. They are a favorite for breakfast around here. Their menu reads like the Baskin Robbins of omelettes. They also have a place in Dana Point. The Sunset Beach HH is open 24/7.

    1. In any case, avoid Santa Monica's Omelette House. The so-called omelette there is in fact a rubbery sheath wrapped around far too much filling.

      1. A few of our faves:

        Local Yolk
        3414 Highland Avenue
        Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3341
        Uncle Bill's Pancake House
        1305 Highland Avenue
        Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-4719
        Martha's 22nd Street Grill
        23 22nd Street
        Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-2502