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Dec 28, 2007 05:15 PM

Honey Bee Market in Mexican town (Detroit)

'babe and I stopped in at La Colmena (Honey Bee) market in Mexican town the other day after picking up some of Evie's finest tamales for the holidays. We haven't been there for a while and were pleasantly surprised. Among the treats we don't see very often in the northern suburbs were frozen sugar cane, cactus leaves, frozen guavas, dried beans we don't see much and some nice buckets of lard. They had some guacamole out for sampling and it was the creamiest I've had in a while - very tasty. We'll be back soon.

Honey Bee is at 2443 Bagley - east of the freeway, which is torn up for construction there, but getting around it wasn't difficult (on Saturday afternoon)

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  1. Yeah, since that place expanded it's the shizzle!

    Big review of Taquería la Tapatía in the Metro Times this week. I never thought much of that place, but apparently it's under new management. Has anyone tried it?

    1. Another fan of La Colmena here. Whenever we're downtown we make sure to stop in.

      Somehow we've fallen into a tradition of eating in Mexicantown after St. Patrick's Day mass at Most Holy Trinity, so at least I know we'll be going then!

      1. I like the fact that they have invested $$ into their business...the new market is large and clean AND FRIENDLY ! I'm a white boy from way North of 8 mile, and the folks at this market are always sooo nice and helpful.

        1. Great store, great selections of spices and dried chilis. Also you can find cases of bottled coca cola made with sugar. Always a stop I make when I visit mexicantown.

          1. Was just there today , love the expansion . Picked up some blue agave nectar , very trendy . Plus , where else you gonna buy cooked veal heads ? Great store , I'll drive 1/2 hour out of my way to shop there , no problem .