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Dec 28, 2007 03:43 PM

Where to Find Genmai Cha (rice & green tea blend)?


Has anyone been able to find teabags of Genmai Cha (blend of green tea & roasted brown rice) in LA? Before I drive down to 99 Ranch, San Gabriel, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, or Koreatown, I am wondering if anyone has actually seen it sold at any of these places. Thanks very much for any help!

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  1. Mitsuwa Market carries Genmai Cha, so should Marukai.

    1. They're sold at all of those places, it's everywhere. It's probably also at whole foods and bristol farms, of course you'll pay a lot more there.

      1. rainier700 -- I believe I have seen it at Whole Foods. Rishi makes a good one, so do check the Whole Foods tea shelves first; it will be in a can.
        I also think there is another section of Whole Foods -- a Japanese section -- that carries Genmaicha in a cellophane bag.
        However, both the Rishi and the bag that I mentioned are loose-leaf; I do think they also carry bags in one of these two sections.

        1. Believe it or not, the Kmart in Temple City carries Genmai-cha! They actually have an aisle dedicated to Asian groceries. Also check out the website to order bagged or loose tea leaves on-line.

          1. My wife buys me it in Little Tokyo, where she works, but I have also gotten it at Ranch 99 in San Gabriel. I am addicted to the smoky goodness of Genmai Cha ;)


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              directly contact AIYA America, one of the longest Japanese tea importers in this country: