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Dec 28, 2007 03:32 PM

Best Cioppino in San Francisco

I thank all who responded to my first quest which was Hunana style food. Now to move on to another of three nights in the Bay area and look for the best Ciopinno in the City. Thanks for the help. If you are ever going to be in L.A. I promise if you post I will reciprocate with suggestions.

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  1. I have yet to find a better Cioppino than the one served at Tadich Grill.
    They will also leave out mussels or clams if you don't want them

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      1. re: mc2

        I third this. I have had it in the restaurant and you can find the recipe online and its just as good at home.

        1. re: Kaypel

          Make it a quad. You can't go wrong ordering the Cioppino and gin & tonic at Tadich.

          1. re: Civil Bear

            No question - Tadich has the best in the city and by default, in the world...

            The only recipe that is superior is one from Chef Rick Moonen that appeared in the NY Times many years was served at the Water Club and is still quite possibly the definitive recipe, lacking that of Tadich...

            Cheers, JH

    1. For me, it is Rose Pistola -- more than enough for two, redolent with crab legs and everything else which makes a great cioppino.

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        Rose Pistola has my vote as well. Took some out-of-town visitors there recently and the cioppino was, as always, excellent - and it's great to go someplace where you can share a 'local' specialty with guests.