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Jan 24, 2001 07:58 PM

Just One More Question about Dim Sum

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Since today is Chinese New Year's Day, and this weekend Old China Town will be a mess, which Monterey Park restaurant do you recommend for Dim Sum this Sunday. I was thinking about Empress Harbor Seafood in Monterey Park. Which do you think is better, Empress Harbor or Ocean Star? All advice is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Ocean Star, hands down. Better quality and variety. Even on a normal Sunday the place fills up before 11 AM, sometimes by 10:30. Go early.

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      Ocean Star is the best dim sum in town all the way! I went to Epmress Harbor a month ago and was less than impressed with the selction and quantity, whereas I wnet to Ocean star 2 weeks ago and it was by far the best dim sum experience I've ever had. In fact I'm going there again this weekend. If you want a detailed report of my Ocean Star experience last time, read my post My Dim Sum Experience At Ocean Star from a few weeks ago on this board.

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      1. re: SexLoveRockSushi

        does the majority of all dim sum entail a pork filling?
        i would like to try ocean star, or any dimsum place for that matter, but i don't eat pork. beef, seafood, are all o.k. do they have many other varieties besides pork?

        1. re: kevin

          I'm on a low cholesterol diet and avoid most all the pork and shrimp items, and while there are a lot of pork and shrimp based items, I have no trouble filling myself up.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            I'm just curious as to why your on a low cholesterol diet. If it's because you have high cholesterol, than limiting dietary cholesterol really has no effect, and the cholesterol in shrimp and all shellfish is good cholesterol (HDL). People are in fear of cholesterol and yet your body thrives off cholesterol,since it is the bulinding block of all hormones within the body. If your bad cholesterol is high, known as low density lipoprotein than that is often caused by smoking, obesity, and yes excessive dietary carb coupled with saturated and trans-fats intake like from margarnine, not the cholesterol in any type of meat.

            1. re: SexLoveRockSushi

              I do have naturally high cholesterol, and limiting my cholesterol intake does reduce it. I've been on this diet all of my adult life, so at this point the thought of eating pork has become repulsive. Same with my experience with chocolate, which I haven't had in over 30 years.

          2. re: kevin

            Why don't you eat pork? If it's not for religious reasons than there really is no point, and please don't say it's bad for you. It's not any worse than chicken or beef and if you think pigs are filthy, visit a chicken farm and you'll really see some filthy fowl.

            1. re: kevin

              While the other guys argue about cholesterol, no one answered your question. Yes, there are plenty of dim sum without pork or seafood. Some have sweet bean fillings (but check for lard content), others are veggie, and there are chicken and duck. And I don't care why you don't eat pork or seafood. You don't have to eat what you don't want to! :)

            2. re: SexLoveRockSushi

              Have you got a favorite Ocean Star location? Aren't there two Ocean Stars in Monterey Park?

              1. re: T-D.

                Have you got a favorite Ocean Star location? Aren't there two Ocean Stars in Monterey Park? I know one is on Atlantic, but the original restaurant is still operating at anothetr location. Which location do you patronize?

                1. re: T-D.

                  The little Ocean Star on Chandler and Garvey does not serve dim sum. However, they do have some of the most interesting lunch specials in the San Gabriel valley.

                2. re: T-D.

                  Go to the one on Atlantic. It's huge and has a much more pleasent decor and service compared to other dim sum restaurants. You won't regret it. Maybe I'll see you there this