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Dec 28, 2007 02:42 PM

SEA: Tobang BBQ in Federal WAY, Korean Fried Chicken

Hi All, My favorite Korean BBQ place in Federal Way, Tobang BBQ, also serves Korean fried chicken (yang nyum, yang yum chicken), which we tried tonight. Very good! We got the mixed wings and drumsticks. One order with the "spicy" glaze and the other with no sauce. Crispy and well seasoned. The cabbage slaw salad is served with a white, garlicky dressing unlike the typical deconstructed 1000 island dressing typically served at other places. Also served with the typical sweet radish to cool the taste buds and a nice surprise, a desert of LEMON JELLO! (hooray) Compares favorably with Cockatoo's up the street, although Cockatoo's has a somewhat more extensive selection, as well as a truly "ultra" spicy version. Also, Cockatoo's is a sweet bar with cheap drinks. We were pretty impressed. As I said, Tobang is our favorite KBBQ place in Federal Way, so the option of getting good fried chicken here is icing on the cake (or lemon jello in this case). We should also mention the banchan are unusually good at Tobang. Enjoy!

33324 Pacific Hyw S. #203
Federal Way, WA 98003

253 874 8888
(note; english is poorly spoken at this place, so phone contact may be difficult. English is fluent enough for you to order in person, however)

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  1. Thanks for all the exciting Korean fried chicken posts. Any idea if any will be open New Years Eve? Taking a red-eye, and might make a nice pre-flight meal.

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      Dimsum fan, I don't know if they will be open. But you could always call. Even if they are not open, there is Cockatoo's chicken place about a 1/4mile north and they are open till 2am every night. Most of the Korean joints in that area are open till 2am every night!