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Dec 28, 2007 01:39 PM

What's everyone doing for NYE in PHX?

I liked the list of unknowns in the recent thread that actually generated some good discussion. So here's another try at that. New Year's Eve is this Monday and Open Table shows alot places still have availability. Where are you having dinner if eating out somewhere special, and are they doing anything in particular?

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  1. I'll even start, we're staying closer to home due to the increased DUI enforcement. Since we live in Central Phoenix, we are flip flopping between Daniel's and Fenix on Camelback. Have had good experiences at both in the past and both had good availability, neither is doing a special menu, but I love the proscuitto stuffed chicken at Daniel's. Considered Vincent's but have had bad service there in the past.

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      Woops! You and Seth C. Sorry to hear about that, as they are a major favorite of ours. Dined three straight nights (wife also had one lunch in that time frame), and all was excellent, to excellent +. I hope that we did not get the service, that you deserved (same for Seth).


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      1. Methode Bistro, for the first time. Dining early, and will retire to the lower level of the house for Port and cigars. We'll probably watch the New Year come in, from the Azores, and then call it a night, before things get crazy.


        1. trente cinq for a quiet but delightful NYE, and then Padre's for brunch the next day. I know Hana is open too, so it was a hard tossup between that and trente. i'm sure i'm the only one, but I don't particularly want to make a huge deal of NYE.. just go someplace nice.. know what i mean?

          1. Binkley's for the 10 course tasting a 9 pm. AND it's my birthday!

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                That's really nice but you will be stuffed! I can only handle the 5 course.