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Dec 28, 2007 01:36 PM

Buy Duck Fat

I really want to make duck confit, and need to find duck fat to do so. I have tried the poultry vendors at eastern market and came up empty both times... anyone know of a place around town I can score some?


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  1. I use D'artagnan duckfat but haven't bought it in this town. Try Dean and DeLucca in Georgetown. If they don't have it, try Wegmans or Whole Foods, you probably will luck out at one of them.

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    1. re: Ellen

      I think Whole Foods does not deal in duck at all any more. They said that they would not dal with anyone who made foie gras and that eliminates just about anyone big enough for them to deal with. When I have asked about duck in the stores no ones seams to know very much and I avoid asking cooperate PR there sine I do not like their level of moralizing.

      1. re: jsenter

        Ah, perhaps that's why my local Whole Foods rarely has duck anymore. At the rate that they're deciding not to carry things, soon I'll have no need to shop there at all. :-(

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          Just saw D'artagnan duckfat at the Fresh and Green on 41st Street

    2. Balducci's usually has it in the freezer case.

      For mail order sells duck fat in 2 pound containers for $12.50. Since I usually make confit in large batches that is what I order.

      1. Buy a duck at the supermarket and get some that way.

        1. supposedly the Superfresh on 41st in Hamden carries duck fat

          1. Organic Butcher in McLean had duck fat when I was in recently.