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Dec 28, 2007 12:01 PM

Great restaurants in the S. Dartmouth, MA area

Hi all. I am surprising my boyfriend with a trip to a b&b in S. Dartmouth and I wanted to take him out for dinner. This isn't happening until Feb. so the more responses, the better. Anyhow, I wanted to go somewhere with great food, a good wine list with reasonable prices, a comfy atmosphere and a terrific waitstaff. It doesn't have to be costly or uber chic (if you know a great pub, bistro, pizzeria, etc, great, or if you know some place that is more fine dining, that's great too), but a restaurant in the general area w/ these qualifications is what I'm looking for. PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST A CHAIN RESTAURANT. I live in Boston and my boyfriend lives in Providence, RI, and we both love dining at great places in both Boston and the Providence area if that helps at all (for instance, we love places like Franklin Cafe, Basta in Pawtuxet Village, Union Bar & Restaurant, Petit Robert Bistro, Pizzeria Regina in the N. End, Prezza, Sorellina, Teatro, Eastern Standard, etc). Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Please let me know why you like the places you're suggesting and any outstanding dishes you've had. I really appreciate it!!

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  1. would a drive to the Back Eddy in Westport be too far? Nice place not too fancy and beautiful views.

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      No, not at all. I'm willing to go anywhere in the general area and I know Westport is not that far. So what fare does Back Eddy serve? What are some of your favorites?

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        Back Eddy focuses on seafood, has a great raw bar with fresh oysters but also serves meat dishes as well a sburgers and some lighter fare. They were owned by Chris Schlesinger who operates the East Coast grill up here in ambridge (do a search on the Boston Board and you will see lots of posts) and while I think he sold it to his staff, he is still involved in the place since he has a home in the area. It is of course, more of a summer place but it is still in such a pretty location with a view of Westport Point that it might be a worthy destination.

    2. I'm drawing a blank on restaurants right in South Dartmouth but if you are willing to drive a little bit I can reccomend the following:

      Back Eddy, Westport, MA - Upscale Seafood and located right on the water.
      Margaret's, Fairhaven, MA- Small bistro type place with great food and byob.(no liquor license)
      Antonio's, New Bedford, MA- The best portugese food you will find anywhere. Not much in the way of atmosphere but you can't beat the food and prices.

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        The Back Eddy will be closed for its winter break in February.

      2. It is pretty quiet over there in February. If you feel like an adventure, you could think about driving 40 minutes to Newport where you'll have a lot of choices and then head back to the B and B. Does the B and B you are going to offer any suggestions? The last time I was over in that area, there was not too much that was nearby and on the level you are looking for. It's a lovely spot. Have fun.

        1. I have a summer house in Westport and have been to virtually every restaurant in the area. Unfortunately, it is pretty slim pickins. The Back Edy is fine. NIce settiing on the water. Only open weekends this time of year. Ok but not fabulous. You can also try Margurites on Main Road in Westport. Unremarkable setting, but the food is very good. Eat there yesterday and remarked how good the food was. Another choice is the Boat House in Tiverton, RI. Also on the water. Newer place. Food is ok but again not great. Probably the most memorable place we have dined is Parsimon in Bristol, RI. Very small place. Very high quality food. No water views but good food. There is also another place in Bristol called the Bristol Tavern (I think) which is very nice -- a steak house in an historic building.

          1. You might want to investigate Ellie's Place in Westport. I don't know if/when they are open in winter.