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Dec 28, 2007 11:52 AM

The Inn at Saint Peter's Village

Has anyone tried this restaurant? We're celebrating my wife's 40-something birthday and we are looking for somewhere nice (not downtown) that we haven't tried.

We've eaten at:

Dillworthtown Inn
Belrose 333
Alison's Blue Bell
Parc Bistro
Brassiere 73
Black Lab Bistro
Twin Bays
Zacharias Creekside

We're open to suggestions.

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  1. We've always had great experiences at Duling Kurtz House in Exton. You can check out their menu on their website,

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    1. re: Philly

      Hate to disappoint you but it is under new management again! Menu is pedestrian at best., more like glorified Applebee. Such a shame!

    2. We're heading to the Inn at St. Peters for our 15th anniversary next week. We've eaten there twice in the past year and have been blown away. It is really a step above many of the restaurants listed, in terms of food, presentation, atmosphere. Definete foodie place.

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      1. re: elayne5

        Ditto. Very good food quality and service. Somewhat fussy food (in contrast to say, the Birchrunville Store Cafe). Price to match, be warned. And a dramatic setting on a ravine. Definitely an "event" restaurant.

      2. I would suggest Gilmore's in West Chester (BYOB), St. Peters over priced for the portions they serve... friends went three weeks ago... had a filet and pork sides with entrees and for 30 some dollars each.. not worth it. There were only two or three other tables seated while they were there on a Saturday night. I must say they have a great brunch on a Sunday.

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        1. re: BRI328

          I have been to the little cafe next to the Inn, FABULOUS pastries and lunch items in the past. The chef, Melanie was amazing and the place was packed. Last weekend though Melanie was gone and with her went the fab food. Oh well. . . anyone know where that chef took her talents? (I will follow her anywhere for one of her pies or cakes!)

        2. we just ate at The Orchard in Kennett Square - great meal, french, beautifully served and presented.

          1. How about Castello's in North Wales?