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Dec 28, 2007 11:48 AM

Wilshire & Doheny - ??

In a couple of weeks, we will be attending the Scandinavian Film Festival L.A. at the Writers Guild of American Theatre on the southwest corner of Wilshire & Doheny. We will be there on a Sunday and have some time between two movies to grab an early dinner. Any suggestions about what is good within walking distance? Any types of food suggestions welcome. Also, if you would please recommend specific dishes it would be great (we eat it all)! Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!

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  1. Kate Mantilini is right across the street, it's ok if you like overpriced deli/diner food or can't find anything else. There's an Indian fusion type place next to the Writer's guild called Chakra that has fun cocktails -- it's similar to Tanzore.
    For something a little funkier, I think Pistachio Grill, which is a decent Persian restaurant, is walking distance. Call to see if they're open on Sundays.

    1. You could go to Tagine a Moroccan restaurant which is on Robertson on the first block north of Wilshire. Dommy and I went with friends last night and we love the food. The 2 things to beware it is very dark and they really push the tasting menu.

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      1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

        P & dommy! - the tasting menu is the only option on the weekend, yet some people's tastes are what they are and they must order only from a menu.
        Great suggestion, yet depends on which night the wild one is going to be in the area, and whether or not she wants to do a tasting menu along with being able to devote the time involved to do so.

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          I went to Tajine a year ago and couldn't stand that tasting menu. I preferred it years ago when it was traditional Morrocan without the belly dancing (because it is so small and intimate). Went to Chakra earlier this year - good but very overpriced in my book. And the place was empty on a Friday night - that can't bode well. Then again, it's hard to get good Indian in LA anyway. I'd go with Mantilini - not great but not bad either.

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            I have NEVER seen bellydancing at tagine...are you thinking of the right restaurant?

            1. re: Adsvino

              I was implying that i liked it because it did not have cheesy belly dancing. The fact that it was too small for such entertainment was a positive in my book.

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              You may be bicoastal, yet Chakra is Indian and Tagine is Moroccan, so no surprise that you had trouble with the tasting menu - you were in the wrong restaurant! Tagine, SIC, does not do belly dancing, nor do Indian Restaurants for that matter that I am aware of.

              1. re: carter

                Carter - what in my posting causes you to think that I wouldn' t know Chakra is Indian and Tagine is Moroccan? The post was about location, not ethncity of restaurants. Your comments are a waste of time. Was it meant to be a dig at NY? Sooooo pointless. Spare me the NY-LA fight - I live in LA, n'est pas?

        2. You can walk down to Olympic and go to Cafe Talesai.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks

            I second KM-we go there after screenings for a quick bite FOREVER. It has it's detractors for sure but the service has been good and efficient and the food is better than diner (even an "upscale" one) for sure. They have oysters and crab cakes for goodness sake. If it is busy, sit at the bar/counter.
            If I had more time, I would go to Tagine. Like it a lot. Never had the tasting menu though.

            1. re: Densible

              Definitely, Kate Mantilini! It may be a bit pricey, but the food is consistently good and fresh.

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                Just had their grilled double breasted chicken marinated with grainy mustard served with mashed potatoes and blue lake green beans (on their regular menu) the night before last and it was delicious.

          2. wow, cannot recommend kate mantilini's - don't think the food's very good - and certainly not at the prices they charge - obviously the location's ideal but...
            also near that area i like il buco italian restaurant on roberston i think just a hair north of wilshire - also another italian that's unique to that area is the il gelato on roberston but that's closer to olympic i think

            good luck

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            1. re: paulfromla

              Il Buco is across the street from Tagine on North Robertson, fwi!

            2. If you have time to walk up to Robertson and Wilshire -- several long blocks -- then by all means go to Il Buco. It's a nice, neighborhood Italian spot. But, if you have limited time, or are going during the late afternoon or early evening, then Kate Mantellini's is the best option. It can be pricey, and the menu is large and very hit or miss. But they do some things very well. The mac and cheeses is excellent, as are the steaks. The chicken pot pie, available only on weekends, and I think only at dinner, is one of the better ones in the LA area. ( Fresh herbs, vegetables not over cooked, generous chicken chunks and not gloppy) The onions rings with sage are very good too. Veal Milanese (available only on weekends) is old school, and pretty yummy, but a bit expensive.Pretty good cocktails, but a spotty winelist, though every once in awhile you find a bargain. We live in the area and all in all, KM's is usually our choice when going to a movie at the Academy which is just up the street, or the Writer's Guild.

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                I love the Chicken Pot Pie @ Kate's and yes it is only available on weekends, and only at dinner. I think the pot pie is $18. I've only been disappointed once. I hate sending food back to the kitchen, but the middle of the pot pie was COLD (not even luke warm) so I had to send it back.