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Dec 28, 2007 11:27 AM

Venison in Burlington, VT


Can anyone recommend a place to purchase venison in Burlington, VT (or any game meat)? my partner and I are going up to cook a dinner there & thought a game dinner would be fun. Also, if there are any local products that I should include, please let me know!


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  1. Check out Healthy Living on Dorset Street in South Burlington. They sometimes have game meat, usually venison. It might be frozen, but I'm pretty sure they have it. Good luck.

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      Healthy Living is closed while they relocate (just down the street). Not sure of their reopening date. Call first. Try Shelburne Supermarket.

    2. There's a farm in Hinesburg that advertises elk meat... I think it's Red Rock Elk Ranch. For other local products, VT has lots of good ones... I'm especially partial to Grafton Village Cheddar and Shelburne Farms cheddar cheese, Misty Knoll chicken & turkey, and any of our locally brewed beers!

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        I'm coming up from Boston to cook a "Vermont-product inspired Meal" for 8. Any other products that I should be sure to include?

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          I'd encourage you to make a stop at the "Fresh Market" on Pine street in Burlington to get a selection of Vermont cheeses. My favorite is "Gore-Dawn-Zola" by Green Mountain Blue Cheese. They often have some excellent local goat cheeses too, but they're seasonal and I'm not sure what they have now.

      2. Butterworks Sweet Jersey Cream, cornmeal, yogurt and dried beans. Although only the dairy is a sure bet on being found.

        Apple cider etc

        Vermont cheeses would make an excellent starter or dessert. I love Orb Weaver.

        Good bread to go with your Vermont cheese.
        There are a ton of local bread place. I like Red Hen as they try to use Vermont grain.

        Maple syrup of course. There are too many to single any out. I like the Grade B for a heartier flavor.

        Glogg from Boyden Valley winery.

        City Market in Burlington is a great source of made in Vermont products. They have them nicely marked on the shelves. You will still find Vermont grown root veggies for sale there this time of year. They also have local meat.

        If you had a more specific menu in mind I would be glad to help if I could. I love food and Vermont. : )

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          Great post raggmuffin..... additionally Healthy Living says they are open in their new location so that is another place to try in addition to City Market. Get some Switchback or Wolaver's beer too.