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Dec 28, 2007 11:15 AM

Omakase at Sushi Yasuda?

I've read many posts on this website about the amazing omakase at Sushi Yasuda, but when I called to make a reservation I was informed by the receptionist that Yasuda doesn't offer omakase. Now I'm afraid I'll have to order a la carte. If so, what are the not-to-be-missed items?

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  1. Assuming you are sitting at the sushi bar, all the chefs up there will do an omakase, regardless of what they say or call it. Perhaps they meant that the "omakase" is just pieces of nigiri rather than an elaborate menu of many courses. Just tell him your price range, likes/dislikes, number of pieces, etc. Anything that will help Chef Yasuda choose pieces of nigiri for you.

    1. I have never ordered off the menu at Yasuda.

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        i saw some people next to me last time ordering from the menu at the bar...i thought it was lame.

        at the bar, you do the table, you do the menu.

        either way, its heavenly.

      2. The people on the phone at Yasuda says a lot of things that don't make sense like how I couldn't make a bar reservation of more than 4 people. They've said other things that I knew weren't accurate, but they said them anyway and got very angry very quickly.

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          I definitely did not get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the reservationist. He emphasized quite a number of times (even when I called to confirm our reservations) that we ONLY have 1.5 hours with Chef Yasuda. He basically said we'd get kicked out if we take longer than 90 minutes. I find that to be a huge turnoff.

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            Just roll your eyes and be grateful you don't have to deal with the clusterbomb of daily calls for time with the big guy. I just grin and bear it....knowing that I am that much closer to a sublime experience. Don't get me wrong, there are times I want to go there with a squirt gun filled with grape juice and let phone/door ppl have it, but I don't; er, uh, haven't YET. :)

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              Approximately how much does an omakase session cost per person?

            2. You HAVE to get the kochiko -- it is by far the best thing I had there. Though my friend and I are still debating whether it was fish guts, scallop guts, or something else. Regardless, it was a revelation.