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Dec 28, 2007 11:07 AM

Saturday night in N.O.

Impromptu trip to N.O. leaving in the morning. What's the hot spot for dinner on Saturday night? Not too pricey but sophisticated. Staying at the Wyndham Riverfront.

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  1. Not sure how you're going to pull off not-too-pricey and sophisticated at the same time-- I'd go to Stella or August if you can get a reservation. Both pretty pricey by NO standards, but not if you're from NY or San Fran. Or wait for a table at Galatoire's.

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      Thanks, JGrey. I haven't been to Stella but have been to August and it was absolutely wonderful but don't want to spend that much. Not sure about Galatoire's since I've only been there for lunch, but that's a good idea. Actually, I've been hearing good things about Pelican Club recently, although the last time I went there was about 15 years ago. Actually, I live in Baton Rouge...

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        Pelican Club sucked when I last ate there a couple of months ago.

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          Thanks for the tip. Haven't made reservations anywhere so not sure where we'll end up.

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          I'm now going to suggest a bunch of places I've never been to, but friends really like: RioMar (I've been there for lunch, v. good), Cochon, La Boca. They shouldn't be as pricey.

          Places I have been: Tommy's or Irene's-- I like them both, and Tommy's has a neat wine bar next to it. Or head uptown to Lilette. Or Iris. Or One Restaurant, or Clancy's, if you can get in.

      2. It may be too late to suggest it, but Ralph's On The Park has never let us down.

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          Thanks, everyone! We're back in Baton Rouge, and ended up at G.W. Fins last night. Had the lobster dumplings, which were as good as they were last time. I had the rockfish w/ foie gras and mashed potatoes and spinach, and my husband had the pompano with asparagus and truffle potatoes. No dessert, but all was wonderful and pretty reasonable in price. Had brunch at Muriel's in the FQ this morning. Pretty good food but the atmosphere was great and we had a good time. Now back home to reality and four boys... Next time I will have to do more research early on.