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Dec 28, 2007 11:07 AM

Hidden Treasures Near 30th and Mission?

Today I moved to a new apartment in the Mission; I'm far enough away from my old place that I'll get to explore a whole new pack of restaurants. I'd love recommendations on places I can walk to from my new digs.

Up there, I like:
Lotus Garden
San Miguel

I wouldn't rush back to:
Blue Plate
Emmy's Spaghetti Shack

I have not tried and am curious about:
Good Frickin' Chicken
Nena's (Did I hear that there is a new owner, and breakfast isn't offered any longer?)

Where else should I go?

Also, are there any coffee shops (or anyplace, really) where I can get a decent take-out cup of tea that is not from Mightly Leaf?

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  1. Some nearby places I've liked include:

    Angkor Borei
    Mi Lindo Peru
    Front Porch
    La Ciccia

    Others have told me that Jasmine Tea House will do if you're desperate for nearby Chinese.

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    1. re: david kaplan

      Thanks, David! I forgot that I went to Mi Lindo Peru and liked it. La Ciccia and Incanto are both fairly close, I suppose, and I love them both.

      I read positive reports on Angkor Borei from DaveMP and Robert Lauriston; I'll have to check it out.

      1. re: david kaplan

        I have not seen anyone mention Thai Food, Pad Thai across from the BofA is great, every friend who I have ever taken there always go back I hope your not the exception. You should try Kum Kar Gai I think thats right it's a chicken lemon grass w/coconut milk soup DELISH, beef with oyster sauce it's only on the lunch menu but is you ask for it at dinner they'll make it for you and if you like pork they have this great fried pork, oh and lets not forget their fried banana w/coconut ice cream wonderful desert, my husband and i will go there jut for that. ENJOY!

        If you go again to Mi Lindo Peru try lomo saltado and ask if they will make you chimichuri wonderful with bread.

        1. re: Ruth Rodriguez

          I've been to Pad Thai several times and have always liked it. I think they cook in a somewhat different style that other Thai places like Dusit Thai. Prehaps a different region but I'm not enough of an expert to say.

          I like their kee mao noodles, which are typically served as a lunch dish

          They remind me very much of a Thai place I used to go to (in the '80s) all the time in Orange County's Little Saigon, called Duang Dara.

          1. re: Calvinist

            We just ordered delivery from Pad Thai for the first time on Sat. night and we were really impressed. It came quickly, even though they quoted us an hour. We especially liked the grilled sliced beef salad. There are a bunch of other things on the menu that look interesting: the "egg bomb", the grilled thai spiced game hen, a crepe filled with coconut, ground shrimp, ground chicken, peanut, tofu and bean sprouts. We'll have to order again soon.

      2. La Traviata (2854 Mission) is one of the better old-school Italian restaurants in SF. It has been in business a long time.

        1. Jasmine Tea House is pretty decent and they deliver. I've never actually eaten at the restaurant. I like the Sunflower Chicken, the Sizzling Beef and the Shanghai Fillet. Link to website with menu:

          Also check out Yo's Sushi Club on Mission near 29th for good quality affordable sushi. Not a lot of fancy rolls and no cooked dishes as there isn't a kitchen but good for all of the basics.

          Yo's Sushi Club
          3369 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          Jasmine Tea House
          3253 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          1. You have hit a gold mine for $-$$ restaurants. Be sure to try Inka's across the street from Good Frickin' Chicken. Their rotisserie chicken is much, much better than GFC, and their yellow salsa made from Peruvian peppers is out of this world.

            Also, the Indian pizza at Zante (corner of Mission & Cortland) with tandoori chicken is tasty if not unusual.

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            1. re: Civil Bear

              Civil Bear, unfortunately, I have to disagree with you here. One of the worst meals I have ever had in my life - is Zante's Indian Pizza. I can only shudder at the thought of trying their Indian food.

              1. re: osho

                i had indian takeout from there once. it was pretty lousy. i wouldn't ever get it again.

                1. re: artemis

                  I don't like thier Indian food, but love thier Pizza.

                  1. re: TMTM

                    I too like the Indian pizza, delivered. I've never tried their "real" Indian food -- I usually order that from Al Hamra or Spicy Bite.

                    1. re: tara

                      I tried their tandoori chicken pizza once--complete with little shards of chicken bone. That was so disgusting that I've never set foot in there again.

              2. re: Civil Bear

                In my one visit to Zante's, I was served the most oversalted food I've ever tasted. Despite my having a preference for salty food and a tolerance for extreme saltiness, I found their food inedible.

              3. Hi
                I live over that way too. I like the papusas at El Zocolo (open very late on weekends) but their combo Mexican plates are pretty meh. Delivery and eating at Lotus Garden have been good, and I've like my delivery from Angkor Borei. There's a Martha Bro's on Cortland as well as a homey little Italian place, I think it's called Valentino's or something like that. I like it for simple stuff like eggplant parm (ordered with extra sauce), when I'm too tired to cook. I was intrigued by Brisas de Acapulco for about a year and finally went in very late one night (2am). The other tables were full and maybe we misordered but it was only ok. La Taqueria and Cancun are both good, depending on what you like. I often stop by Cancun and get a soda cup of their salsa verde to go. Front Porch had good crab grits but I was disappointed by their fried chicken, haven't been inclined to go back. I like Blue Plate, sometimes just for two apps and a glass of wine. Mi Lindo Peru is also good and I've had some good ceviche tostadas at Playa Azul but don't like their oysters (the giant, mushy, not local ones). I'm completely disappointed by La Traviata, worst gnocchi in my life and pastas cooked to mush. I had a warm and enjoyable meal at La Ciccia. I also recently had some horrible Indian delivered from Zante's (detailed on the worst of 2007 thread) and only ok delivery from Spicy Bite. Samirami's Imports at 26th and Mission can be a good resource for Middle Eastern sundries and the falafels at Old Jerusalem next door are good and only $0.35 each (cheap snack while walking home from bart, if you call ahead, they'll be ready when you get there). The stuffed falafels are larger and $1 each. I was unimpressed by my beef and lamb shwarema there (dry) but they have some compelling menu items and are friendly there in a reserved sort of way.
                I know not everyone agrees with me, but I like the Goodlife Grocery on Cortland well enough. Their meat counter has gotten a lot better in the last few years. The prices on some groceries are reasonable and they sometimes have interesting cheeses and wines. I also like the produce stand next to Al's Good Eats (which a friend of mine swears by for greasy spoon hang over breakfast), I think it's called Azteca. They have good queso fresco and some interesting rocoto chile import products. Oh, and I was underwhelmed by the dry chicken I got at GFC 2x and haven't been back since they expanded their dining room. Enjoy the hood, and I'll add more details if I think of them.

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                1. re: Candice

                  I also have been underwhelmed by GFC chicken. Driving by Valentino's the other day, it looked like there was a notice in the window re a change of ownership or something(? )

                  will post some more thoughts separately.

                  1. re: susancinsf

                    I think Valentino's is a change in investors, not the people running the place, but I don't know for sure.

                    On Cortland, I buy bottles of wine from Vino Rosso, which is also a good spot for a lite bite and a glass. They carry Italian wines you won't find at the Good Life (which doesn't have a bad wine selection either, just more predictable).

                    Vino Rosso's mark up on bottles isn't bad -- I've seen the same wine, at the same price, at Weimax on occasion.

                    1. re: Calvinist

                      And we go to Los Ponchos for papusas -- but that is as much for the '80s era Pac Man video game my seven year old likes to play there.