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Dec 28, 2007 11:05 AM

What to have at Zoe's Kitchen?

Tried the newish Houston location last night - they seem to be taking the healthy thing to the extreme which works in some dishes and doesn't in others. The chicken and orzo soup was a decent and comforting starter, but needed salt (a recurring issue here, I think). I had the chicken salad sampler with lemony potato salad (yum), slaw with feta (yum), pasta salad with tomato and basil (double yum) and, last AND least, chicken salad (nearly inedible). My friend had the "Gruben" - a grilled turkey "reuben" sandwich - which was amazing.

I'm generally impressed so far, but I'm wondering what others have found to be the best bets on the menu. It's near my house and the price is right, so I know I'll be going back, but what else should I look forward to ordering?

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  1. Their Chicken Kabaobs are quite tasty. I do not like the chicken salad as i have never found it to have any taste. Their chicken roll-ups are good, as is the Chocolate cake.

    1. The Mediterranian tuna is a nice alternative to tuna salad. I like the flavor the capers and olives give it. The grilled chicken options are generally pretty good. My biggest complaint with them has been they used pita bread which tends to fall apart, but they seemed to have fixed that to some degree lately.

      The rolls ups and quesadillas are good- the salsa adds flavor to the dish without adding fat.

      Zoe's is the only fast food/quick serve my husband will eat at around here.