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Jan 22, 2001 10:15 PM

Hash browns

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I'm looking for great hash browns, preferably on the
West Side. I'll travel almost anywhere if they're really good since I need a fix about once a month.

The only places I know that do it right are Nick's coffee shop on Pico Blvd. just west of La Cienega in L.A. and the Walnut Grove coffee shop in San Juan Capistrano.

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  1. I love hash browns too, but what do you consider "right"? I love hash browns, and I've had them many ways. With onions/bell peppers and without, smashed flat and quite crispy, thicker and golden brown, not to mention shredded and cubed. Don't even get started on all the varieties at Waffle House...


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    1. re: RussellH

      Someone once told me there was a Waffle House (The crown jewel of Hash Browns) in Chino. Does anyone know if this is true?

      Although I've heard that Russel's in Long Beach/Pasadena has excellent Hash Browns.

      1. re: Gary Rolin

        russell's hash browns WERE very good. however, and correct if i'm wrong, the whole chain has gone bust...

        1. re: Joe Blowe

          Then someone should tell that to the one in Pasadena... becuase it's still there and in business.

          1. re: Gary Rolin

            According to there are none in California. On their website menu it shows they do lots with hash browns. There are several "Waffle Shops" scattered throughout the state and there's a "Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles" in Pasadena.
            Please post the address of the local Waffle House if there is one. Thanks.

    2. In my humble estimation, you need look no further than the S & W Country Diner.

      Perfectly shredded (albeit from frozen), fried to a crisp without being overly greasy, their hash browns are the best I've tried. They spend so much time cooking them in fact, that if you order these with a meal, it tends to slow down the rest of the order by about 5 - 10 minutes.

      Another hint: try arriving before 8am on a weekday (or after 10am - but check on that time) for one of the best breakfast specials in LA. Half price omelettes, with grits, hashbrowns, and biscuit for around $3 - 4.

      9748 Washington Blvd
      Culver City, CA 90232
      (310) 204-5136

      1. Canter's does pretty good home fries. Paper thin sliced potato rounds fried so the outside is nicely browned and crisp, and the inside moist and tender.